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Our Interview With Team Liquid Player Dom “soulcas” Sulcas

After the Team Liquid vs. Oxygen Esports match played in VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2: At EMEA Challengers, Team Liquid player Dom “soulcas” Sulcas answered our questions. He shared his thoughts with us about the match and the upcoming final match waiting for the Team Liquid.

Congratulations for the game. You are the first team to took the ticket for Iceland. What are your team goals? What do you think about them?

Our team goal was to make it to Iceland and now we’ve achieved this goal. Our next goal is to show what we got on the big stage against the big teams around the world. Because it’s the first big VALORANT event. There has been a lot of questions about, whose gonna perform well especially against different regions. But our goal is just to win every match we can. We’re in Iceland now, cause we show them what we got. We’re qualified, we can definitely win the whole thing.

In Today’s match, you managed to beat Oxygen Esports. What can you say about the Oxygen Esports?

We’ve practiced against them a lot. They are a really strong team. They kind of like playstyle us, round by round. I know they something, they like to do, like, fast, burst and sometimes like to slow it down. They’ve got strong players, strong individuals that they can really pop off. Though definitely a good team, we took like, we looked every team we played same like, one level ahead of us. You know, and think how we should be able to win and keep it professional. Making sure that we take it every round we can against them.

Do you think Oxygen Esports did something wrong today?

I feel like, their team comps, really one of the biggest facts that allow us to win so well. Especially in Haven, it was very hard for them to get into the bomb side against our comb. They lacked certain utility to help them to get on the sides and we were able to shoot them down. Before even allowing them to enter the side. Because we had, Viper on A, smoke on C. They didn’t have anything to pass these abilities. I think that’s the main factor, why we able come to out at the top so well.

There will be a best of 5 final game tomorrow. What are your thoughts for the finale? Do you have a preferred competitor for Fnatic or Gambit Esports?

So, this next match Fnatic vs Gambit, honestly it can be anyone’s game. Like, Gambit, they are really scary in participation. Every European team that played against them said the same thing, ‘’they are really strong to participate’’. I’m glad to see that they are on the big stage now. Against Fnatic, honestly, it’s anyone’s game in there. I’m very confident that would be either of these teams. After what we displayed today, especially. Honestly, we haven’t played against the Gambit before. In the official arena. I think I’d like to compete against them but honestly, I think they are both scary. But I don’t mind playing against both.

You unexpectedly beat the FunPlus Phoenix team with a clear score of 2-0 and made it to the semi-finals. It was an almost one-sided struggle. Did you expect such a game? What did you do right and beat the tournament favorites FPX?

Surprisingly, before the FPX game, we were very confident. From the outside perspective, people probably think, FPX is one of the best teams in Europe but every time we played against FPX we showed always very close. Against them, it was like, in one best of 3 we lost 2. Another time we lost 1 round. We knew we are very like. We’re very close level. We were definitely very confident that we can beat them and we actually showed it. I think confidence is the big factor. Also, our comp was the surprising factor. We probably caught them off guard, to be fair.

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