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Özgür ‘root‘ Alagül To Focus More On Esports

Esports host and streamer Özgür ‘root‘ Alagül, announced on Twitter that he is going to focus more on esports and gaming world.

In his statement, he talked about his history in software development and how hard it was for him to work both as a software developer and as an esports personality. Here is his full statement:

As some of you know or just going to learn right now, I have been working in the software industry for about 11 years. I have started as a coder and then rose to executive positions. In the last 5-6 years, after the end of my career as an esports player, it started to get difficult to work in software and esports sectors simultaneously. It was time to act!

From this day forward, I announce that I will focus all of my energy and time to esports/gaming.

Explaining that he will leave the software industry completely; root said that he will now focus entirely on esports and the gaming world. He stated his future plans in 4 entries:

What is going to change?

Esport Hosting: In the past, I worked as an esports host on the tournaments of Valorant, CS:GO, PUBG, Zula etc. In this regard, I will be more flexible with my schedule when it comes to esport hosting. I have already made some deals, but the situation of “root not being available on weekdays” has changed. At this point, you can contact me at any time. Some of my partners are already in contact with me through the phone and I am online 24/7 for further partnerships.

Full-Time Streaming: Other than my hosting roles I will be fully active in the content creation side as a streamer. I will continue my twitch adventure with my 100 thousand followers and I will keep increasing the quality of my content. You can always contact me regarding sponsorships and partnerships.

Esports Team Partnerships: There have been many teams that I have talked regarding different partnerships. I have been in contact regarding permanent positions such as coaching, general management and some periodical work. In this context, I am open to having these talks and be involved when a suitable deal can be made for.

YouTube: Most of my work on YouTube was cut in half because of my lack of time. Moving forward my YouTube channel will be more active. You can expect technical content, match presentations, gameplay videos and opinion pieces. The frequency of the content will be between 1.5 and 2 days.

We are hoping to see him more as a host in tournaments of games such as Valorant where some of our favorite teams play. Besides, he announced that he would start broadcasting full time.

He also said that he could accept different projects (coaching, general management) from e-sport teams if they are suitable for both parties. I think it would make all of his fallowers happy to see him more when it comes to esports.

As Esport Times, we are happy for Özgür ‘root’ Alagül ‘s decision and we wish him good luck in his future endeavors.


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