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Sangal Esports Gets Its Second Win

Yesterday (03.02.2021), Sangal Esports vs. Lyngby Vikings competition took place at 17.00. Turkish representative, Sangal Esports, won by 2-1 and raised its victories from 1 to 2. The second victory of Sangal Esports makes us more proud.

Turkish representative, who can now enter the play-off stage with 2 wins and 1 loss, will have guaranteed the playoffs if they win another game in front of them.

Maps of the competition:

  • Vertigo
  • Dust2
  • Inferno


On the Vertigo map chosen by the Lyngby Vikings team, unfortunately, we saw a very simple and irregular game in both teams. Both teams could not regulate their economy at all in this match. One of the highlights is no scope imoRR scored with SSG in the 22nd round. This map ended with Lyngby Vikings leading by 16-13 and Lyngby Vikings made the score 1-0.

SangalK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
imoRR23 (12)2 (1)2569.0%-291.0+81.21
MAJ3R25 (18)4 (2)2379.3%+285.401.17
paz21 (14)4 (1)2569.0%-475.4+11.01
ngiN18 (8)5 (3)1969.0%-177.2-20.97
l0gicman7 (3)5 (3)2265.5%-1534.100.56
Lyngby VikingsK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
NaToSaphiX32 (12)4 (0)1775.9%+15105.8+31.65
FASHR20 (3)7 (1)1975.9%+179.0-51.14
birdfromsky20 (7)11 (8)1882.8%+273.2+11.12
raalz20 (11)6 (0)2175.9%-178.2-31.06
rilax20 (9)6 (3)2179.3%-176.0-31.02


On the Dust2 map chosen by Sangal, Sangal Esports won easily by 16-10. Sangal brought the situation to 1-1.

SangalK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
ngiN23 (12)4 (3)1176.9%+1285.1+11.48
imoRR24 (17)4 (0)2076.9%+495.8+51.41
paz16 (10)8 (1)1576.9%+178.7-11.11
l0gicman15 (2)9 (9)1265.4%+368.001.10
MAJ3R15 (11)7 (3)1869.2%-374.3-10.94
Lyngby VikingsK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
raalz16 (7)7 (2)1965.4%-372.301.00
rilax19 (10)4 (3)1961.5%079.7+20.99
FASHR17 (10)1 (0)1861.5%-168.2-30.93
NaToSaphiX15 (7)6 (2)1957.7%-468.4-30.83
birdfromsky9 (4)6 (6)1950.0%-1030.500.47


Both teams won on the maps of their choice. The victory will be clear to the jointly selected Inferno map, which is the last map. With MAJ3R’s extra games, Sangal Esports won the last map, Inferno by 16-11 and brought the second victory with the last score of 2-1.

SangalK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
MAJ3R25 (9)8 (5)1570.4%+1083.9+21.33
imoRR17 (10)6 (1)2174.1%-465.1+31.11
paz19 (7)7 (3)1674.1%+378.3-21.10
l0gicman15 (4)7 (3)1674.1%-158.000.90
ngiN7 (5)9 (1)1763.0%-1053.100.72
Lyngby VikingsK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
NaToSaphiX20 (9)3 (0)1877.8%+273.5+31.12
FASHR17 (6)6 (1)1374.1%+470.001.11
rilax19 (12)5 (3)1681.5%+371.901.07
birdfromsky13 (4)8 (0)1677.8%-374.1-31.04
raalz16 (11)4 (0)2063.0%-463.0-30.90

The teams that Sangal Esports is likely to encounter in the next match are as follows:

  • ENCE
  • forZe
  • Winstrike
  • Dignitas

You can find detailed information about the entire tournament by clicking here. Also, I would like to remind you that Sangal will have secured the play-off stage with the next game as a win.

Sangal Esports is an important asset for Turkey, even if it is a team that has been criticized a lot with its game these days. After the second victory of Sangal Esports, an even more exciting wait began. We hope that Sangal will return to its motivated, determined and disciplined game as soon as possible.

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