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Papara SuperMassive Announces New Coach for 2021

Papara SuperMassive won 3-2 against 5Ronin at TBF 2020 and became the VFŞL 2020 Summer Champion and achieved qualifying to Major League team for the first time at Worlds 2020 in the BO5 elimination method. The team made the first announcement about the 2021 squad.

Papara SuperMassive has not yet announced any players but announced the coach of the 2021 season, he is Şükrü Aykut “CristoL” Yeşilkaya. Papara Supermassive announced the transfer via a tweet from his official Twitter account, as well as a YouTube link.

Aykut “CristoL” Yeşilkaya will be our coach for the 2021 season. Welcome!
New year, new goals!

The YouTube link in the Announcement Tweet contains CristoL’s statement, which lasted about 3 minutes.

The Full Statement of the New Coach “CristoL”

Hi, I’m CristoL. I will be in charge of Papara supermassive in the 2021 season.

I was at Supermassive in the winter of 2020, so exactly one split before that. And I didn’t expect that I would come back here in such a short term. Let me say, but of course, I wanted to work here because it is a place where I am very happy to work and organization is Turkey’s number 1 for me.

If we are going to talk about the first and second division. So 2021, I think there’s a championship goal that never changes as a goal, both from my point of view and from a SuperMassive point of view. And that will always the same, no matter what the squad is, no matter when the year is. I don’t think there will be any other goal than a championship as a target in 2021 both for myself and in terms of SuperMassive. There’s nothing like it in the tradition of Supermassive. I don’t think anything lower will be very satisfying anymore.

Actually, when we came to an agreement with SuperMassive this year, we had a very good common idea. Let me explain this as follows. This year, we want to lay the foundation for a team that can achieve success in Turkey and abroad for several years. Our players have strengths and we want to make those strengths stand out. And try to achieve things that have never been achieved in the coming years. That’s our main goal.

We did not announce any players yet. But when they are announced, you will notice that they all have very obvious things in common. They are eager for success and very hardworking. I think I will achieve very good things with the synergy that this will create.

Looking at the players this year, especially on paper and already known as we have very outweighed strengths if we use these strengths well. We will be able to reach our goals very comfortably. The most important thing is to be a team. So if we can be a team, I think we will have a very strong squad.

We are very excited for 2021 and our team players will be announced one by one in the days ahead. Don’t forget to follow us on social media. In advance, I thank you all for your support.

As the Esport Times team, we wish Cristol, the 2021 coach of the Papara Supermassive, success in his new team. We hope they achieve their goals.

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
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