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Papara SuperMassive Announces Its Top Laner!

The first team to start announcing its 2021 roster for Vodafone Freezone Championship League was Papara SuperMassive. Yesterday, the team announced the new coach for the season.

After the announcement of the team’s coach, Papara SuperMassive now announces the first player of the team. In the announcement post on Twitter, Papara SuperMassive announced the transfer of Onurcan “Ragner” Aslan as the top lane player for 2021.

Just like the coach announcement, the top laner was also announced with a video on Twitter.

Onurcan “Ragner” Aslan will be our team’s lop laner in the 2021 season. Welcome!

The Full Statement of Ragner

Hello, I am Ragner. I am this year’s top lane player of SuperMassive.As always, I will try to be the best, practice in the best way and practice the most. I mean, I already came here with hard work, no matter how bad I was before. So, I can say that hard work comes first.

I had a few offers from both Turkey and abroad. I was not sure about what to do, but I wanted to play in SuperMassive if I stayed in Turkey. Because I thought that there would be more pros and that I would be more comfortable playing here, so I preferred to be with SuperMassive.

I am expecting the best from the roster. We are all young people. We are friends both in the game and outside the game, so I am sure that we will accomplish good things. So, of course, our goal in Turkey is to be on the top, become the champion. After becoming the champion, our goal is to bring success to Turkey, whether it is MSI or Worlds. Doing my best, of course, that is my goal.

In terms of my own career goals, my personal goal is to attend LEC and LCS, but I have a SuperMassive journey in front of me, so let’s look at that for now.

Don’t forget to follow us if you want to see me and this cute face (showing Grey, SuperMassive’s cat in the Gaming House) this year!

Ragner, had started his professional esports player career in June 2018 by playing in Bursaspor Esports and after 6 months, he had transferred to Dark Passage in December 2018. After playing in Dark Passage for 5 months, Ragner then transferred to Galatasaray Esports on May 2019. And now, after his journey in Galatasaray Esports that lasted for 18 months, Papara SuperMassive became Ragner’s 4th team.

As the Esport Times team, we wish Ragner success in his new team. Hopefully, he will improve himself and achieve his goals; and make his fans in Turkey proud.

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