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PayHesap Kütahya Esports Announces Its Official Sponsor!

Payhesap Kütahya Esports entered the esports scene very fast and now announces its official sponsor. The official sponsor is The Coffee Warehouse.

The Coffee Warehouse will be PayHesap Kütahya Esports’ official sponsor for 1 year.
One of our country’s (Turkey’s) most precious coffee brands, The Coffee Warehouse made its sponsorship agreement with PayHesap Kütahya Esports, for the first time in Turkey.

For the first time, a coffee brand has entered the esports sector in the World with the agreement in Turkey. It is necessary to celebrate both sides for this success.

The terms of the agreement announced as one-year, but the president of PayHesap Kütahya Esports said in his statement that he hoped the agreement would extend into the coming years. In addition, PayHesap Kütahya esports special gamer coffee packages will take their place in stores soon.

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As the Esport Times family, we wish Payhesap Kütahya Esports success with its new official sponsors and congratulate the Coffee Warehouse, the first coffee brand to step into the esports sector!

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
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