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1907 Fenerbahçe Esports Announces Its LoL Roster!

Fenerbahçe is one of the most successful sports teams in Turkey. They also proved that they are good on the esports scene with different accomplishments. Being the champion of League of Legends Turkey 2020 Winter Split is one of them.

Yesterday, they announced their brand new roster for League of Legends. The fans seem satisfied with it.

Top Laner: Yiğit “Lenom” Kantar

Take it away, Lenom!

Our top lane is resigned to Yiğit “Lenom” Kantar for 2021 Winter Split.

Lenom’s professional career started by joining HWA’s academy team in 2019. He only played for one month in HWA, then he went to Wildcats’ academy team. Later that year, Lenom left the Wildcats due to his contract. On January 14, he joined Fenerbahçe’s academy team. Now he is the team’s main top laner and fans are expecting a good performance from him.

Jungler: Taha “Elramir” Yurdagüven

Elramir will make some NOISE!

Taha “Elramir” Yurdagüven will sweat for our team as the Jungler, with his vocal and game-reading skills!

Elramir started his professional career in 2018, by playing for Oyun Hizmetleri. He joined SuperMassive’s academy team in November 2018, and stayed there for one year. In 2020, he played for Team AURORA and Beşiktaş Esports respectively, and joined Fenerbahçe yesterday.

Mid Laner: Onurcan “stillnumb” Başkurt

stillnumb, a.k.a Joker, started his career by playing for HWA in 2018. He transferred to Wildcats and left the team in November 2019. 2 months later, he joined Beşiktaş’s roster as the mid laner. Just like Elramir, he decided to accept Fenerbahçe’s offer and joined the team.

Bot Laner: Hasan “Neramin” Samarsın

By playing for Fenerbahçe, Neramin starts his professional career as a starter of the team. He joined Wildcats Academy in January 2020, and left the team due to his expired contract.

Support: Ozan Samican “Sparz” Özbay

The cosmic guardian landed to the rift!

Our support player Ozan “Sparz” Özbay is coming to go on a magical journey with the team!

Sparz started his professional career by playing for Dark Passage’s academy team in late 2018. He joined Fenerbahçe’s academy team in January 2020, but his Fenerbahçe venture lasted for 2 months. Then, he joined AURORA as a starter. After 4 months, he came back to Fenerbahçe as the main support player of the team.

Beside the new roster, Fenerbahçe also announced its new coaching cast.

1907 Fenerbahçe players will fight for victory with our experienced coaches.

  • Coach: Adnan “Coach IRL” Şengül
  • Strategic Coach: Hızır Hakan “H20” Öztürk
  • Head Coach: Emre “Arke” Akpınarlı

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