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PCS5 Europe MEA Regional Qualifier Completed!

PUBG Continental Series 5 (PCS5) Europe MEA Regional Qualifiers have ended. The MEA (Middle East and Africa) leg of the qualifiers, which required 18 matches for each region, has come to an end. At this stage of this tiring and long journey, each team had to play 12 matches.

In the end, only the strongest survived. The teams that will make it to the grand finals of PCS5, the most important crossroads to reach the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) goal, have been announced. SuperMassive Blaze, Gear Up Esports ve Orgless qualified for the PCS5 finals. Thus, Turkish teams won all of the regional qualifiers.

We know that the teams that received direct invitations to the PCS5 Europe grand finals are BBL Esports, Digital Athletics, ENCE, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid and Virtus.pro. Thus, BBL Esports, Digital Athletics, SuperMassive Blaze, Gear Up Esports and Orgless, will compete for the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) goal in the grand final of 16 teams. With these 5 teams from MEA and three teams will come from the other two regions each. So now we can take a detailed look at the results of the PCS5 Europe MEA regional qualifiers.

Note: In the given standings, the teams are listed according to their endgame rankings, not their kills. In addition, the kill numbers of the teams will be located next to them. In addition, it is written at the beginning which two of the three groups have a struggle.

1st Match: (Group A, C)

  1. ORGLESS – 15 kill
  2. Gear Up – 11 kill
  3. ROAD TO GLORY – 2 kill
  4. Dijirad Esports -5 kill
  5. HeadQuarters – 6 kill

2nd Match: (Group A, C)

  1. 836 Pizza Locale – 10 kill
  2. Hive’X Esports – 5 kill
  3. Aggressive All Around – 6 kill
  4. Esporlab – 6 kill
  5. ROAD TO GLORY – 4 kill

3rd Match: (Group A, C)

  1. Gear Up – 12 kill
  2. PRO GAMERS TEAM – 12 kill
  3. Aggressive All Around – 0 kill
  4. Esporlab – 4 kill
  5. ROAD TO GLORY – 1 kill

4th Match: (Group B, C)

  1. SuperMassive Blaze – 16 kill
  2. HeadQuarters – 5 kill
  3. Hive’X Esports – 7 kill
  4. Gear Up – 9 kill
  5. ROAD TO GLORY – 4 kill

5th Match: (Group B, C)

  1. Hive’X Esports – 6 kill
  2. Gear Up – 7 kill
  3. ROAD TO GLORY – 12 kill
  4. Esporlab – 0 kill
  5. OMENS – 3 kill

6th Match: (Group B, C)

  1. Rare Esports – 7 kill
  2. 836 Pizza Locale – 9 kill
  3. SuperMassive Blaze – 3 kill
  4. XFlow Esports – 7 kill
  5. ROAD TO GLORY – 1 kill

Gear Up’s Epic Plays in the Last Day of PCS5 Europe MEA!

In fact, as we mentioned in our article yesterday, the rankings were suitable for every result and surprise. Finally, when we look at the results today, we see how true this determination is.

Because Gear Up, which is in the 7th place with a single win and 34 kill points, reached the kill number of SuperMassive Blaze, which was at the top with 3 wins, thanks to the win and many kills in the last day. Thus, with this extraordinary attack at the last moment, they left all their opponents behind and became the team with the most kills in total with the SBM.

First, let’s take a closer look at SuperMassive Blaze’s performance. Today, we can say that we watched a classic SMB. Especially in the 4th match, they were comfortable by taking the first place with the win and plenty of kills. Thus, thanks to the stability they maintained throughout the three days, they managed to take the lead.

We actually already said a lot about Gear Up’s performance. Because they really managed to come from behind and at the last moment took the place they deserved. While making good use of the field advantage, especially in the game where they reached the win, they also found themselves in second place by making good use of the other teams in the number of kills thanks to their relatively aggressive games.

The performance of the ORGLESS continues as we have seen in all their recent games. Maintaining team integrity is key to a high performing team. We can say that an extraordinary performance emerged in the games where they maintained their team integrity. For this reason, we can say that they gave their right to this order until the end. In addition, the fact that there is only 1 kill difference between them and Rare Esports, which is in the 4th place, reminds us how important each kill score is.

PCS5 MEA Turkish Teams With A Great Performance!

Yesterday, Rare Esports finished 3rd in the first two days results. However, on the last day, they could not maintain the performance that would put them in the top three. Similarly, we watched a very aggressive Istanbul Wildcats yesterday. Today, they were one of the teams that narrowly missed the first three. Again, we see how much effort Hive’X Esports has put in in the last tournaments. We saw the same situation here. They resisted until the last moment and got their names written among the teams that won 2 wins. 

The Lebanese team ROAD TO GLORY scored a lot of kills without leaving the competition. However, since they could not get 1 more win, they closed the tournament in 7th place, despite being the second team with the most kills in the tournament together with ORGLESS.

PCS5 Europe MEA Regional Qualifiers Final Leaderboard

Prizes Won by Teams

  • SuperMassive Blaze – 1.100 $
  • Gear Up – 1.100 $
  • ORGLESS – 1.100 $
  • Rare Esports – 900 $
  • İstanbul Wildcats – 800 $
  • Hive’x Esports – 750 $
  • ROAD TO GLORY – 650 $
  • 836 Pizza Locale – 550 $
  • XFlow Esports – 500 $
  • 1907 Fenerbahce Esports – 450 $
  • ICY – 350 $
  • Kafalar Esports – 350 $
  • Dijirad Esports – 350 $
  • HeadQuarters – 350 $
  • Esporlab – 350 $
  • TonyTeam – 350 $
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