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TESFED CS:GO Cup Ends With a Controversy

The TESFED CS:GO Cup Finals caused an eventful evening. During the finals, OtherSide Esports decided to withdraw from the match.

In the fierce battle between TBG No Respect and OtherSide Esports , the situation was 13-13, and a tactical pause request came from the OtherSide Esports team. The request was done before the start of the Eco round. However even though it was acknowledged, the pause was given after eco round. OtherSide Esports, which had already won the eco round, was unable to take advantage of the tactical pause.

Aware of the situation, the TBG No Respect’s coach objected, stating that the tactical pause had been requested the previous round. Thereupon, TESFED referees accepted the objection and decided to replay the round. So the eco round, which OtherSide won well despite not getting the tactical pause, was thrown out.

Being aware of the fact that they were defeated, OtherSide Esports decided to withdraw from the tournament after this incident. The Social Media Officer of the OtherSide team, said that the tournament was poorly organized and that the situation was poorly handled.

The withdrawal of OtherSide Esports made TBG No Respect the champion of the TESFED CS:GO Cup. At the same time, Şahangiller Esports, which was placed 3rd in the tournament, moved up to 2nd place. Also, Champion TBG No Respect qualified for the LAN tournament, which is going to be held in Israel.

This unfortunate event shows that the official Turkish esports scene still has a way to go.

As esportimes, we hope that this situation is resolved in a proper manner. We also wish success to both TBG and OtherSide Esports teams in there future endeavors.


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