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PUBG: New State, New Leaks!

PUBG fans around the world are excited about PUBG: New State and we have some new leaks about it.

First of all, we felt sad when PUBG: Lite was shut down, which was actually aimed for low spec computers. Then, we heard that it was because of this PUBG: New State game. Krafton made PUBG: Mobile’s success impressive. However, it was the Chinese Tencent Games that took the game where it is now. Even though, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG was a brand, They shared it with Tencent for PUBG: Mobile. Following this, Krafton decided to take the matters in their hands and started this project. They shifted their previous “Lite” squad to this new project.

Warzone Similarity!

Krafton first analyzed the current state of the market. Based on these analyses, they decided to launch a game targeting the US and European markets in particular. Therefore, one of the things that caught our attention the most in this game was the similarities to COD: Warzone. As we mentioned in our previous articles, the option to revive your teammate with the green flare is one of these examples. In fact, it is useful to remind that a similar trend is also available in PC version of PUBG. With the TAEGO map, they included a prison similar to Warzone’s gulags in the game.

Lets start talking about new leaks. First of all, let’s emphasize that these leaks are revealed by data miners. So they are not official, and are derived from the game’s source codes. The most important thing is that companies consciously change them.


PUBG: New State – Gliders!

As you know, gliders with the name “motor glider” already existed in PC PUBG and Mobile. In the new leak, data miners found 3D models of a glider with reduced polygons in the game’s files. So what does it mean to have a low number of polygons? In fact, its only meaning is to reduce the size of the game by reducing the graphic details, therefore increasing performance.


PUBG: New State – ERANGEL Map!

This may be the leak that will excite us all the most. PUBG lovers know that; Erangel is our first home. For us, Erangel has a special place. According to the new leak, the game includes an Erangel map with a size of 4096×4096. There are some remarkable details on the map. There are no added ports and buildings on this map. This makes us think that this map is arranged in the 2051 universe. When we put all this together, the theory of Erangel being playable in New State gains strength.

Note: Visual representation. This is not the actual footage.


PUBG: New State – Weapon Leaks!

In this leak, the visual files of all the weapons that will be included in the game are in one image. We’ll take a look at the details, especially about the weapons we didn’t see during the testing phase. The first of these is FWS, a modern and futuristic version of AWM. Since our game is set in the future, having an alternative sniper rifle makes sense. Another striking image is the Grenade Launcher. As you know, grenade launchers are a weapon we are familiar with, especially from the Call of Duty series. It allows you to drop a bomb that deals medium damage at short and medium ranges with an attachment added from the bottom to Rifle type weapons. This weapon also seems to be the result of Krafton’s CoD “inspiration”. Finally, the SK_TW_M18.png image file appears as an example of a colored smoke bomb.

Considering all the leaks we have obtained, we can easily understand that New State is a game targeting the Western market. In particular, innovations that add variety to the game will introduce new dynamics. This is enough to make everyone get excited. We hope it will be a game that is free of cheats and makes the audience happy with the closure of Lite. Above all, we hope it stays away from ridiculous cosmetics like in PUBG: Mobile.

We’ll keep you updated on new leaks and other news until the game hits the market. Stay tuned and feel free to share your ideas with us!

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