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Riot Examines Its Copyright Infringement Thoroughly!

Riot Games has decided to examine the copyright infringement that it issued to artist KuttySarkArt in the previous days. The company has demanded the takedown of the mentioned content after its infringement. The reason seems to be that one of the original characters shared on the platform TeePublic contains the word “Arcade”.

Afterward, Riot made a statement on its official Twitter account.

The artist got great support from the community!

KuttySarkArt’s artwork describes a character from the original comic series “Arcane Flames”. The artist said in her statement that via TeePublic, a takedown notification came, which claims that the intellectual property of the design belongs to Riot.

The artist’s drawings focus on an original character which is not similar to any characters from games published by Riot. Besides, the expression “Arcane Flames” is clearly seen under the drawings.

There has been no change in the situation after all these statements. The review process of Riot Games on the matter remains uncertain. As esportimes, we hope that the problem will end up positively for both sides as soon as possible.

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Volkan Tankır
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