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Riot Suspended pr1me!

Mustafa “pr1me” Bilici is no longer on the esports scene after Riot Games’ decision until the judicial processes finish after the separation with Galacticos. He has been on the esports agenda recently with allegations and accusations about him.

The allegations made about Mustafa “pr1me” Bilici on social media in the past days were evaluated, and after the first investigation, it was decided to remove the relevant player from Riot Games until the judicial process is completed.

LoLespor, @LoLespor

In this process, which started after Hamza “Maximillion” Kandemir’s statements, Galacticos did not act against pr1me at first because Maximillion did not send the necessary applications and documents to them, but later on, with the involvement of streamer Ahmet “Jahrein” Konser, the pr1me’ they decided to remove “pr1me” from the team.

Riot Suspended pr1me!

We have not received any official application or record that we have repeatedly requested from our former player, Hamza “Maximillion” Kandemir, regarding today’s claim that we are unintentionally involved in. Even after the relevant tweet, the documents and applications we requested were not delivered to us. However, after Hamza “Maximillion” Kandemir’s statements and our meeting with Jahrein, who has been interested in the subject from the very beginning, we have received information that the prosecution applications were real.

Following this, we parted ways with our player Mustafa “pr1me” Bilici. We once again share our sadness with the public for being involved in such an event. On behalf of our club, we would like to thank dear Jahrein, who approached and enlightened the subject sensitively.


With Maximillion’s statements and Jahrein’s involvement in the matter, after the decision of Galacticos, Riot Games also began to evaluate the situation and decided to suspend “pr1me” until the judicial process is completed, regardless of the result. We are waiting for the updates! Stay tuned.

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