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Sangal Esports Is Going to the Playoffs of Snow Sweet Snow!

In the game that was played yesterday (04.02.2021) Turkish representative, Sangal Esports faced against Team Dignitas. It was an important game in which the defeated team would have one more chance before being completely eliminated from the tournament while the winner of the series would go to the playoffs.

Sangal, after winning the games against Gamer Legion and Lyngby Vikins continued its streak and won the game against Dignitas.

Played Maps

  • NUKE
  • DUST 2


The Nuke map was picked by Dignitas. During this part of the match, Sangal made simple tactical mistakes. Sangal started the map on the CT side and did not get into proper defense positions. While the score was 5-7 they were on a round where they were 4v2 which could have upped their morals, however, unfortunately, they lost it.

Of course, this wasn’t the only factor. On the opposing side, AWP player “hallzerk” showed an incredible performance that secured his team with a 4-11 score during the first half.

To summarize the first half of the match, everyone thought that Sangal had a bad defense, and would at least fall behind by 1-0 in the series. However with some luck they managed to hold. Later on, Team Dignitas fell apart and at the end of round 28 the score was 13-14.

Coupled with some mistakes during Dignitas’ eco round and with Sangal’s IGL player Maj3r‘s wrong commands resulted with a loss for Sangal.

DignitasK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
hallzerk27 (9)8 (4)1776.7%+1083.0+11.38
f0rest24 (11)3 (1)1776.7%+791.1+11.28
HEAP22 (14)4 (0)2166.7%+176.701.15
H4RR314 (7)6 (1)2370.0%-952.2-10.81
friberg12 (7)6 (1)2076.7%-846.2-30.80
SangalK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
ngiN25 (16)4 (1)1873.3%+784.601.27
paz22 (7)4 (0)2070.0%+280.2-11.07
l0gicman18 (6)3 (1)1676.7%+258.3-11.07
MAJ3R18 (10)1 (1)2260.0%-462.2+30.92
imoRR15 (9)5 (0)2370.0%-865.2+10.86

Dust 2

Sangal started with a 3 round back to back loss on its national map. Which did not look good, to say the least. Congratulations to Team Dignitas, they started perfectly during this phase. During the latter half of the game, none of the teams dominated the other side completely.

Dignitas started the game on CT side and couldn’t defend as well as they did in Nuke. The first half of the game ended with a score of 7-8. Sangal started ahead during the second half, then they started to have a streak of loses.

During the last part of this map the score was 15-14 and Sangal was losing, nevertheless the team managed to get a good position on A-long and this led to extension.

During the first half of the extensions “Paz” did a flash-pick and got 3 kills. This led to 16-17. Dignitas pulled its weight and score was 17-18. At the end Team Dignitas did a poor defense of point A and lost this map, however, Sangal for sure did not have an easy win.

DignitasK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
f0rest29 (15)7 (1)2366.7%+691.3-11.27
H4RR328 (16)4 (0)2563.9%+382.2-51.03
HEAP20 (14)6 (2)2672.2%-665.000.92
hallzerk21 (5)7 (3)2661.1%-564.9+30.89
friberg20 (3)17 (11)2958.3%-960.8-30.76
SangalK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
paz31 (12)4 (0)2472.2%+789.1+21.28
imoRR29 (16)8 (1)2775.0%+288.7+51.23
l0gicman26 (11)13 (9)2075.0%+672.7-11.20
ngiN22 (11)10 (6)2066.7%+264.201.02
MAJ3R21 (8)14 (5)2769.4%-662.900.86


The map was picked collectively and Sangal started on the offensive side. Like the previous two maps, they started sluggish and messy. They then pulled together and adapted to the new defense tactics employed by Dignitas. The second half ended with a score of 7-8.

During the second half, Sangal surprised everyone and played very good during its defensive phase. At the 19th round, they were winning with a 5 point difference on their side.

Overall there were rough patches, however, Sangal managed to stay strong and win the match against Dignitas. Now they are going to play in the playoffs where the competition is much stiffer.

DignitasK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
HEAP20 (13)3 (0)1967.9%+177.2-11.13
hallzerk23 (9)0 (0)2067.9%+374.601.07
f0rest18 (7)3 (1)2067.9%-270.800.98
friberg11 (8)5 (1)1971.4%-859.1-10.84
H4RR311 (6)4 (1)2350.0%-1258.5-60.55
SangalK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0
imoRR28 (12)4 (1)1685.7%+12103.4+31.65
paz27 (13)3 (0)1875.0%+989.6+31.32
ngiN19 (5)8 (1)1685.7%+373.2+21.18
l0gicman16 (5)4 (1)1571.4%+172.101.03
MAJ3R11 (6)7 (3)1860.7%-754.600.83

With this victory, Sangal succeeded in the main Swiss stage of Snow Sweet Snow 1 and earned $6.000. In the playoffs, they will earn $1000 for each victory they achieve.

We wish success to all teams in the Snow Sweet Snow 1 playoffs that will take place on February 8!

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