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Sangal Esports Lost Against Sprout!

Turkish representative Sangal Esports and ESL Germany CS:GO Champion Sprout competed against each other in ESEA Premier Season 36 European region. The match was won by Sprout with a score of 2-1.

In ESEA Premier Season 36, we lost our fourth game 1-2 against the @sproutGG team.

Sangal Esports vs Sprout – ESEA Premier Season 36

Sangal, who had its fourth match in ESEA Premier Season 36, become in a position of 1 win and 3 losses in the league after this defeat.

Sprout, who finished the previous ESEA Premier Season 35 in the 2nd place, won all four games in the league so far including this match against Sangal.

A Brief Review of Sangal Esports vs. Sprout

The match started with the Nuke map, chosen by Sprout. The second map was determined as Inferno by Sangal. In case of a tie after the 2 matches, the 3rd map was also determined as Vertigo.

First Map – Nuke:

The first map of the Sangal vs Sprout match was the Nuke map chosen by Sprout. Sangal got the 2-0 lead by the start of the match. During the first half, Sprout tried to get the balance. Towards the end of the first half, they managed to bring the situation close. The first half ended with Sangal’s 8-7 lead.

However, Sangal did not perform well in the second half. Sangal won only 1 round in the second half. Losing the first map 16-9 to her opponent Sprout.

Ekrem ‘l0gicman‘ Aydin18-19-175.476.0%1.04
Ahmet ‘paz‘ Karahoca19-18+182.064.0%0.99
Ömer ‘imoRR‘ Karataş17-20-383.548.0%0.99
Engin ‘ngiN‘ Kor11-19-848.564.0%0.72
Engin ‘MAJ3R‘ Küpeli10-23-1346.444.0%0.43
Josef ‘faveN‘ Baumann21-15+696.280.0%1.45
Timo ‘Spiidi‘ Richter22-14+887.168.0%1.33
Marko ‘kressy‘ Đorđević22-17+590.972.0%1.22
Fritz ‘slaxz-‘ Dietrich18-14+468.376.0%1.18
Denis ‘denis‘ Howell16-15+175.972.0%1.12

Second Map – Inferno:

The map of the second match chosen by the Sangal and it was the Inferno. Sangal got off to a good start to the second map. They made a 5-0 winning streak against their opponents. Sangal tried not to give their opponent a chance. Which they won the first half with a 9-6 lead.

Sangal’s great performance and dominant play style from the first half continued in this half too. Sprout couldn’t find a chance against the Sangal. In the second half, Sprout only won 1 round. The second map ended with a score of 16-7 with Sangal’s lead. The prominent name of the Inferno map was Ahmet “paz” Karahoca with 23 kills.

Ahmet ‘paz‘ Karahoca23-9+1487.682.6%1.73
Ekrem ‘l0gicman‘ Aydin19-10+983.087.0%1.49
Engin ‘ngiN‘ Kor16-9+780.382.6%1.46
Ömer ‘imoRR‘ Karataş17-14+374.469.6%1.19
Engin ‘MAJ3R‘ Küpeli12-11+163.782.6%1.13
Josef ‘faveN‘ Baumann17-17087.760.9%1.05
Fritz ‘slaxz-‘ Dietrich9-16-749.060.9%0.65
Marko ‘kressy‘ Đorđević8-16-852.660.9%0.60
Denis ‘denis‘ Howell8-19-1142.756.5%0.49
Timo ‘Spiidi‘ Richter10-20-1048.343.5%0.46

Third Map – Vertigo:

Vertigo was the last map to determine the winner of the Sangal vs Sprout match. Sangal started the final map with a good start. They managed to achieve a 3-0 lead against their opponent. However, the Sprout has started to show its dominance on this map. Sangal was unable to respond to Sprout’s defense on the CT side. Sprout finished the first half with a 9-6 lead.

In the second half of the map, Sprout gave no chance this time. Sangal didn’t win a round in the second half. With a 7-0 winning streak, Sprout won the third map against Sangal with a lead of 16-6.

Ömer ‘imoRR‘ Karataş14-19-577.768.2%0.85
Engin ‘ngiN‘ Kor12-19-769.050.0%0.74
Ahmet ‘paz‘ Karahoca12-20-862.750.0%0.72
Ekrem ‘l0gicman‘ Aydin10-22-1249.540.9%0.50
Engin ‘MAJ3R‘ Küpeli8-20-1246.440.9%0.45
Marko ‘kressy‘ Đorđević20-7+1398.590.9%1.71
Fritz ‘slaxz-‘ Dietrich23-10+1396.686.4%1.68
Josef ‘faveN‘ Baumann19-12+7104.981.8%1.56
Denis ‘denis‘ Howell20-13+788.290.9%1.45
Timo ‘Spiidi‘ Richter16-14+274.063.6%1.08

Sangal Esports’ next ESEA Premier game will be on March 9 against the French team LDLC. (The date may change.) Two teams faced each other previously at the IEM Katowice 2021 Play-In slot event. LDLC won that match with a score of 2-1.

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