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Shadow League 1 with Sangal Esports Begins!

Sangal Esports who was the champion of ESEA Season 35 Advanced league managed to go MDL. The significant invitations have been coming since their success. Also, Sangal Esports will take place in Shadow League 1.

Sangal Esports has been invited to the Shadow League 1 tournament with a prize pool of $ 30,000 and in which important teams will participate. All the details of the tournament have been revealed, and the start date is very soon: January 15th.

Shadow League 1 is a B-Tier CS:GO tournament that will last a full month and will be held in Swiss format. In Swiss format, the top 8 teams will go to the playoffs at the end, and the last 8 teams will be eliminated from the tournament. All matches, including the playoffs, will be played in Bo3 format.

The 16 invited teams are as follows:

  • Sangal Esports
  • Project X
  • Na’Vi Junior
  • HellRaisers
  • Invictus Gaming
  • VP.Prodigy
  • SINNER Esports
  • Budapest Five
  • Lyngby Vikings
  • Nexus Gaming
  • Team GamerLegion
  • Vexed Gaming
  • CULT Esports
  • Team Unique
  • Case Esports
  • Young Ninjas

Turkish representative, Sangal Esports, is making its first debut. Tomorrow and the next day’s Shadow League 1 schedule:

January 15

  • 12.00 (GMT +3)| Sangal Esports vs. Team Unique
  • 15.00 (GMT +3)| HellRaisers vs. Team GamerLegion
  • 18.00 (GMT +3)| Nexus Gaming vs. Budapest Five
  • 21.00 (GMT +3)| Project X vs. Young Ninjas

January 16

  • 12.00 (GMT +3)| Lyngby Vikings vs. CULT Esports
  • 15.00 (GMT +3)| SINNER Esports vs. VP.Prodigy
  • 18.00 (GMT +3)| Na’Vi Junior vs. Invictus Gaming
  • 21.00 (GMT +3)| Case Esports vs. Vexed Gaming

All of the matches played within the scope of the tournament will be broadcasted live. We will be able to watch it in three different languages: Turkish, English and Russian. The Turkish presentation Özgür ‘root‘ Alagül will be on his Twitch channel.

We wish Sangal Esports good luck in the Shadow League 1 tournament, and we are hoping for victory!

Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
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