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Shocking Tweet from Sangal Esports

On March 13, the official Twitter account of Sangal Esports posted a shocking tweet that led to some arguments. The tweet in question said the following:

The next season, with which team will @cancizzx be eliminated?


-X Wildcats


-Team Wpartan

In the post @cancizzx refers to Can “Cizzx” Pars. He previously played in CREW, No Quarter Cartel, LOG and Estanbul. His current team is Istanbul Wildcats.

“Cizzx”, officially played twice against Sangal Esports. He fought with Estanbul team against Sangal Esports in September 2019 and lost 2-1. He also played with Wildcats and lost to Sangal Esports 2-1, during the Istanbul Turkey ESL Championship.

The tweet also got some flack from the couch of Sangal Esports, Canpolat “hardstyle” Yıldıran, In addition, the team’s founder Emre Ergül and Can “Cizzx” Pars had an argument on Twitter.

In my opinion, this kind of situations affect the development of esports in a very negative way. If it is true that, Emre Ergül truly posted that tweet on the official account instead of his own account. This sends a bad message.

Can “Cizzx” Pars is constantly developing his skills. I personally like his play style and I believe he will be successful in the future. I hope he doesn’t get caught up in such jokes and think that it is not right for a team manager to share such personal jokes through official channels.


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