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Twitch Declares The New PogChamp Emote

As you know, Twitch disabled the PogChamp emote after the Capitol incident on January 6th, because of the comments of the face of the emote, Gootecks. Twitch didn’t find those comments appropriate, so they decided the remove the emote. But, Twitch was determined to find another icon for the emote, and it seems like the new icon is decided.

Twitch offered a new PogChamp emote for the users since January 8th. Some of them were loved, some of them were not. But, Twitch decided on a new icon by the vote of the users. Unlike the old one, this one does not contain the face of a streamer or a content creator. But we are pretty sure you know this face if you are using the emotes a lot. Our little lizard friend, as known as KomodoHype, is the new face of the PogChamp emote. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean the KomodoHype is disabled, you can either type PogChamp or KomodoHype to send the same emote.

Origin of KomodoHype

twitch pogchamp

You maybe didn’t hear of the emote, but it’s pretty obvious that you’ll see the little guy a lot from now on. So, let us inform you about that lizard. According to Know Your Meme, the photo above of the komodo dragon was uploaded to the internet on 16 April 2008 as a stock photo. There’s no information about when it became popular, but the photo was used in the memes and the PhotoshopBattles Subreddit. In 2018, the face of the lizard was released for Twitch users as KomodoHype emote. The emote was used for the exciting moments, just like PogChamp, but some users also used the emote for different meanings.

twitch pogchamp

If you are interested, you can check the searching trends of the emote for years here.

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