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Sivasspor Esports Disqualified from VCT!

Sivasspor Esports VALORANT team was disqualified during the VCT Stage 3 Week 2’s 2nd match due to them not being in the lobby at the match time. Sivasspor Esports players and management team made a post claiming that the time of the match was at 20:00 (Turkish Time). In the post, they claimed the match time was changed to an hour and a half earlier without informing them beforehand.

On the matchmaking site, both team captains decided the map bans and side selections. After that Mix5 said they were ready and wanted to start the match. Sivasspor Esports team captain stated that they were not ready. However, the authorized personnel said that they had to start the match, and that all the information mails were sent to everyone before and if Sivasspor Esports players were not ready for the match within 2 minutes, they would be disqualified. No matter how much Sivasspor Espor players objected, unfortunately they could not come to the lobby in time and had to forfeit from the match.

Claims and Repercussions

Sivasspor Esports manager Güngör Akbabaoz made another claim with a post on his Twitter account. He wrote that one of the Mix5 team players did not have a tournament record and yet they were disqualified instead of Mix5.

Anıl Sercan Akçay, one of the Mix5 players, stated that his friends changed their nickname. He also said this has been reported to Riot Games.

We waited for about 40 minutes for you to enter the lobby. Normally you had 15 minutes, the admin gave it in 15 minutes. We gave it another 10 minutes and still no one came. I recommend you to read your tournament rules, I wish success to your team :>

Our friend has changed his nickname :>


Sivasspor Esports officials said that they will follow the situation. It will be interesting to see how this event will unfold, further down the road.

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