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WD Black PUBG Invitational Summer Cup Results

As you know, we watched a competitive but small tournament, WD Black PUBG Invitational Summer Cup in the Turkish PUBG esports scene today. We have compiled the results of the tournament where 16 teams competed.

Matches started on July 21 at 19:00, ending with a game that lasted for 5 maps. In the end, the owners of the prize pool worth 20,000 TL emerged.

The winner of the WD Black PUBG Invitational Summer Cup was SuperMassive Blaze (SMB), which has recently attracted attention with its outstanding performance at ESL PUBG Masters before. Unlike ESL PUBG Masters, SMB maintained its ranking with a much clearer and more stable performance and took the win.

BBL Esports also caught the attention of the community and other PUBG lovers. The team, who said goodbye to ESL PUBG Masters Summer 2021 before reaching the Grand Final, could not find a place among the first 8 teams to receive awards. Teams followers were disappointed about this.

WD Black PUBG Invitational Summer Cup Results and Rewards

The award winning teams of this breathtaking one-day tournament and their rewards are as follows:

  • SuperMassive Blaze – 9.000 TL
  • RARE Esports – 4.500 TL
  • 836 Pizza Locale – 2.500 TL
  • 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor – 1.500 TL
  • GEAR UP – 750 TL
  • OtherSide Esport – 750 TL
  • Orgless – 500 TL
  • XFlow Esports – 500 TL
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