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SuperMassive Blaze Women’s VALORANT Team Established!

SuperMassive Blaze Women’s VALORANT Team Established! The SuperMassive Blaze Women’s VALORANT Team has been formed and its roster is here!

SuperMassive Blaze Women's VALORANT Team Established!

After VALORANT made its debut, it has been a dominant game in the FPS field. Following this, many ESports organizations have rushed to the game and established their teams. Therefore, there has been a great chance to improve and to compete in this area. Furthermore, since there are rich prizes, esports organizations are announcing their teams rapidly. In fact, most of the teams didn’t want to slow their pace and they’ve introduced the women’s VALORANT teams to the market. SuperMassive Blaze Esports Club is among these teams.

After the SuperMassive Blaze Esports club stepped into VALORANT, it had successful tournaments and managed to make its name mentioned frequently. SuperMassive Blaze, which added the women’s team to the club in line with a new purpose and initiative, thinks its future is quite bright.

As a result of the elections, the star names of our VALORANT Women’s team is here!

✨Öykü “OYKU” Büyük

⭐ Damla “dati” Atila

⭐ İlayda “Lyda” Güzeldere

⭐ Reyhan “Sephia” Şimşek

⭐ Enise Sultan “Turner” Kıldır

⭐ Irmak “River” Peküz

Welcome to the family!

#SMBWIN #BurnThemAll

SuperMassive Blaze, @supmassblaze

Stating that the women’s team was carefully formed as a result of the elections, the SuperMassive Blaze team managed to attract attention. We wish success to the SuperMassive Blaze Esports Club, which gave women a chance in the esports. We will see their success together in the near future!

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