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Support for AÇEV from Riot Games Turkey!

Riot Games, one of the biggest representatives of the entertainment industry, has signed another important initiative to support AÇEV. Riot Games Turkey implemented a special project and supported AÇEV as part of its new big event, Guardians of the Light. The company made a donation to AÇEV on behalf of the winning team of the “Pioneers Tournament” held on July 26-27.

Attracting attention in the field of social responsibility with the non-profit Riot Games Social Impact Fund, which it launched in October 2019, Riot Games has launched another special aid initiative for Turkey.

Support for Açev for a brighter future!

The Guardian of the Light event, which debuted on July 8, is about the struggle for light and the story of the Guardians of Light, who united their forces in this struggle. As part of the Guardians of Light: Pioneers Tournament, 8 captains displayed their skills to stop the progress of the Black Mist and contribute to a bright future. As a result of the tournament, which witnessed great excitement, the winning team was Team Linus The Afro. Riot Games Turkey donated 100,000 TL to AÇEV, which implemented valuable projects that will enlighten children on behalf of the team that achieved victory and became the Guardian of the Light.

Ertuğrul Ergül
Ertuğrul Ergül
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