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Istanbul Wildcats Renews VALORANT Roster!

Istanbul Wildcats, a successful team from Turkey, will part ways with the VALORANT squad after the ESA Open Fire All Stars tournament.

Berkay “buzlumuzlusut” Tekin, captain of the Istanbul Wildcats VALORANT team, made a statement on his personal Twitter account that would interest both him and the team.

Here is his statement:


The team we established under the name NOF in February competed successfully in tournaments and later joined the Istanbul Wildcats. Although it has undergone many changes over time compared to the way it was first established, it is still playing actively, but we could not achieve the success we aimed for in the last tournaments we participated in. Unfortunately, we have not been able to produce a game that has a positive momentum or is promising. At the point reached today, although we can reach to a point with individual talents, I do not think that we can maintain an equal competition with other teams in terms of team play. This situation became where we could not match team play, communication and chemistry. Since the game has developed completely beyond my expectations and understanding of the game, I feel that I am not able to reflect my individual potential. At such a point, I do not believe that I/we can achieve a higher success by being trapped in the comfort zone. There is only one radical decision left that needs to be reversed, as none of the solutions currently work. Based on this, I would like to finalize this decision I made after the first VCT elimination, which I put on hold so as not to adversely affect the team. As of the end of the next ESA Open Fire All Stars tournament, I voluntarily resign as the captain of the team and my place in the main roster in order to chart a new path for myself and make a fresh start. First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our manager and coach, who understood, respected and supported my decision, and then to all my teammates and viewers from past to present. See you for one last dance at ESA Open Fire All Stars.”

Berkay “buzlumuzlusut” Tekin

After Berkay “Buzlumuzlusut” Tekin, who announced that he said goodbye to the team with these words, the separations came one after the other. It has become clear that first Hakan “DESTRUCT1VEE” Lekesizer and then Ahmet “demo” Ergan will leave the team.

After the separation tweets, Istanbul Wildcats VALORANT Manager Hakan Demirel used the following words on the subject in his tweet:

“Friends, my current players will be leaving after the ESA Open Fire All Stars tournament. We will also establish a new staff at VALORANT. I am getting lots of messages. We are brothers, sisters, friends with all our players and we are a big family. May all of them be well.”

We wish success in their careers to the Istanbul Wildcats, which will enter into a major restructuring, and to all players who left the team.

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