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Team Aurora Announces LoL Roster For 2021 Season

The Turkish Championship League (TCL) 2021 Winter Season will start on 23 January. So, Turkish esports clubs continue to announce their rosters for the season. Yesterday, Team Aurora joined the other teams with completed rosters and announced its League of Legends roster for the 2021 Winter Season.

TCL 2021 Winter Season Starts With The Match Of Last TBF Finalist

Even though Team Aurora has announced some of the new members of the team, they completed the roster with several tweet posts yesterday.

Only35 Is Back In TCL!

“Then ask these guys to clear the road to return to your home!
Support @Only35suppor and Top Laner @LoL_Rare will be with us this season.”
“Everyone knows who Drift King is, but do you know who Draft King is?
Our Head Coach @Shluffylol and Assistant Coach @parniwer will be with us in this season.”
“Hey @Shluffylol, someone’s here. He said he wants to play with the new draft king, and that he knows @Only35support!
@EdenFoxLol will be with us this season in as Mid Laner.”
“Life is simple. You make a choice and don’t look back, even when you dive!
@Kamil490 will be with us this season as the Jungler.”
“Then let the battle of KDA and CS begin!
@RhioniLol will be with us this season as the Bot Laner.”

Team Aurora 2021 Winter Season Roster:

  • Head Coach: Ibrahim “Shluffy” Shmaisani
  • Assistant Coach: Bedirhan “parniwer” Aslan
  • Top Lane: Taner “Rare” Levendoğlu
  • Jungle: Kamil “Kamil” Marcysiak
  • Mid: Wilfred “Eden Fox” Ding
  • Bot Lane: Yücel “Rhioni” Morgil
  • Support: Mehmet Emin “Only35” Aydın

As the Esport Times team, we wish Team Aurora success in TCL 2021!

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