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Woxic Gets Benched In Cloud9 For Incoming Xeppaa

According to the news shared by Rush B Media, our representative Özgür ‘woxic‘ Eker benched in the Cloud9 CS:GO team. It is unrelated to the AWPer’s performance.

Our representative woxic left mousesports in mid-September with a $ 1.4 million deal and joined the Cloud9 CS:GO team. After a few tournaments, the desired results could not be achieved and the paths were separated with the head coach of the team, Kasad. Going back to Rush B Media’s report, it is said that the name to replace woxic will be Erick ‘Xeppaa‘ Bach. As a matter of fact, although all of the positions in the team were occupied, Cloud9 General Manager HenryG confirmed that there would be a transfer with his tweet today. It is thought that this will be the Xeppaa transfer, which will replace woxic.

Our representative woxic shared a story on Instagram which does not give any certain information about his situation. So we don’t know that woxic benched or not.

Woxic’s Statement

My dear followers, I am reading your messages and I know you are waiting for an explanation, you will soon learn what I have decided and what I have changed, now you just have to wait. Please react to the people who do the talking business without knowing, as esports audiences always do. While doing this job, I always suffered the biggest blow from the people of my own country. Do not write things that will you will regret, do not embrace me as ‘your guy’ after learning about the things that will happen. Stay insincere, the way you set up your own mind, interpret what happened in your own little way, do not change and support me. And my dear followers, I also read your nice messages; and all I can tell you is, stay tuned, good days will be waiting for us soon.

Cloud9’s new CS: GO roster will look like:

  • Alex ‘ALEX⁠’ McMeekin
  • William ‘mezii’‘ Merriman
  • Ricky ‘floppy⁠’ Kemery
  • Patrick ‘es3tag’‘ Hansen
  • Erick ‘Xeppaa⁠’ Bach

  • Chris ‘Elmapuddy⁠‘ Tebbit (Coach)

  • Özgür ‘woxic⁠‘ Eker (Benched)

It is important to mention again that what is written is only a claim. Because Cloud9 or woxic did not make any statements which explain everything so far. Of course, we want Turkey’s representative to keep his place in the roster and to have successful tournaments with his team. However, we do not know how the developments will happen, so we will share with you as we explore more. For more esports news, click here.

Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
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