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Team Kendine Müzisyen is Summer Rumble Champion!

Team Kendine Müzisyen from Turkey managed to become the Twitch Rivals x Riot Games Summer Rumble champion. The team is captained by Kemal Can “Kendine Müzisyen” Parlak, whom we know for his entertaining broadcasts, We watched the fierce competition of 10 teams in the tournament, which started on June 22 and had a prize pool of $150,000.

Team Kendine Müzisyen is Summer Rumble Champion!

Team Kendine Müzisyen managed to shatter their opponents in the TFT, three-stage tournament. In addition to the first places in TFT, he did not leave the overall first place to anyone and Team Kendine Müzisyen became the TFT champion.

TFT Squad:

  • ebcimusprime
  • idlemonkk
  • Nyugamingtv
  • Uthenera

First place! Our Representative Team @kendiMuzisyen , crowned their first place in TFT with the first place in the total of all games. ?? Congratulations heroes! @Utheneras @idlemonkk @ebcimusprime @nyugamingtv ?

Teamfight Tactics – Türkiye, @TurkiyeTft

The team, which managed to put forth a successful performance in the VALORANT leg, lost 2-0 to its rival Team Xnapycz in the final and finished the VALORANT stage of the tournament in the 2nd place. Unlike the final in the tournament, Team Xnapycz team was in the focus of serious criticism due to 4 players from the eSuba Esports team in their VALORANT squad.


  • cigdemT
  • pankylol
  • tecoNe
  • ubeka_
  • wtcn

We lost 2-0 against eSuba esports in the final of Twitch Rivals nttttttt @pankyyLoL @feritkw @ubeka @cigdemturk

tecoNe, @tecoNeVAL

Team Kendine Müzisyen finished the League of Legends tournament in the 7th place.

League of Legends Squad:

  • crystal_lol
  • Dilara
  • Elwind
  • LinusTheAfro
  • Naru

We took the 1st place by calculating just like the Turkish National Team. Glad we contributed. Many thanks to everyone who supported

Mehmet Arda Barış, @LinusTheAfro

Team Kendine Müzisyen, who managed to become the champion in general after the tournaments, became the champion of the event and won the prize money of $37,500.

Twitch Rivals x Riot Games Summer Rumble Champion Team Kendine Müzisyen!

Kemal Can Parlak, @KendineMuzisyen

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