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Twitch Bans All Gambling Sites & Referral Codes!

Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch has now implemented a ban on content featuring gambling referral codes and links. No betting sites will be advertised on platform anymore.

In a statement, the platform explained it was introducing the ban to prevent scams and harms “created by questionable gambling services that sponsor content.” 

Links and referral codes for sites offering dice, roulette, or slots are prohibited throughout the platform. But this situation has been ignored for some time. From now on, no betting sites are allowed to advertise on Twitch. In addition, Twitch has announced that they will constantly monitor the situation.


Where This Ban Came From?

Over the past year or so, Twitch has become an important platform for gambling streamers and affiliates, like Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam, who promotes an online casino with a Curaçao license and has amassed an impressive 1.5m subscribers.

However, in recent months Platform has been experiencing problems with this situation. Some Twitch Casino users have started to attract attention with fraud allegations and other illegal activities. For example, using fake balances to give the impression of big gains. They started scamming viewers with this method. Some countries then decided to ban Twitch. Slovakia went as far as taking unilateral action and banning Twitch completely after its national media agency found content that violated the country’s advertising laws.

“Twitch has taken a good first step to help protect young and vulnerable users by preventing the sharing of links to gambling websites. However, much more must be done. Everybody should be concerned that Twitch still allows the broadcast of unregulated and illegal gambling and that sites like Stake and Roobet pay popular streamers to play the casino games on their channels. It is incumbent on Twitch to focus on the health of their users, especially young people who are susceptible to developing a gambling addiction thanks to what they are exposed to in the streaming platform.”

Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the United States-based National Council on Problem Gambling

Keith Whyte’s explanation is very sensible and appropriate. Thanks to this statement, I believe company will start imposing more sanctions. This leads viewers to nothing but an addiction. Furthermore, if they lose, they can become more ambitious and become a real addict. Twitch has already saved many viewers with this action. We hope that other streaming platforms will do the same.

You can find more information by clicking here.

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Hurşit Can Şahin
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