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Unknownpros Disbands Its VALORANT Squad!

Unknownpros Disbanded VALORANT Squad! While they are one of the new teams, they parted ways with their VALORANT staff. Unknownpros, which started its journey with five successful names of the VALORANT scene on June 21, could not achieve the desired success in a limited time and decided to disband its staff.

Unknownpros Disbanded VALORANT Squad!

The team, which includes important names such as Burak “Extreme” Akbalık, Ege “Suprise” Apaydın, Taylan “Kipperman” Toprakçı, Duhan “Duhax” Kurtaran and Ege “Shnaznn” Tarhan, decided to go for a new restructuring after the results obtained.

In a statement they made on social media account, Unknownpros wished their players success in their careers and underlined that they would not stay away from the stage.

Faruk Can Öztürk, one of the founding partners of Unknownpros and the general manager of the team, said the following after the separation with the staff:

As an organization, we set out to be planned and programmed. As you can appreciate, forming a squad with 10 days left until the Champions Tour brings certain risks. Chief among these risks are chemistry, harmony and communication. We decided to form a team with the problems that may occur on the harmony side of the decisions taken in such a short time. At the end of our evaluations, we decided that it was not right to continue with the team we had established. We found it more meaningful and valuable to continue the organization on its own with all the players in the team and to renew the squad. As it is known, we have a Rising Stars project that we have started recently. As the Unknownpros team, we will be sharing our new roster as soon as possible by evaluating the developments here. I would especially like to point out that Unknownpros, as an organization, has not had any problems with its players. I would like to thank each and every one of them for the values ​​they have added to the organization so far. I wish them success in their careers.

Unknownpros had recently made it to the Closed Qualifiers in the VCT 2021: Stage 3 2nd Qualifiers. Afterwards, they lost 2-0 to RARE Esports in the last 16 rounds and 2-0 to Kafalar Esports in the Losers Match and left the tournament.

Playing a total of 7 matches with their staff, Unknownpros won 4 games and had 3 losses in these matches and managed to leave a mark on the stage.

We wish the organization and the players success in their careers.

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