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Sangal Esports Relocates to The Netherlands!

The popular esports organization from Turkey, Sangal Esports is on their way to the Netherlands! They shared the news on their official accounts.

Our successful story, which started in these lands in 2017 and continues with both national and international representations, is transitioning to a different dimension as of today. Together with our current team players, technical team, digital team and managers that we are always proud to support, we decided to move our company structure from Turkey to the Netherlands in order to bring our story to a global value. This important project for us, which is growing and reaching more and more people, will continue to make our country and you, our dear fans, proud by becoming one of the important esports organizations from Turkey to abroad, together with the investments it will make in the international arena. With this operation, which we will carry out without any change in our company’s investments, our growth chart will continue to rise even more strongly. We would like to thank all our fans, stakeholders, sponsors, players and teams for having a great share in bringing Sangal Esports to this point.

Sangal Esports

In addition to this, they shared a video on their official account. It features the team’s national and international achievements. It also includes a tribute to Turkey. Therefore, they are focusing on their origin country as well.

Recently, we have seen such activities from different esports organizations. For example, fnatic is also one of the teams that mentioned a staff change.

Similarly, it will be an opportunity for sponsorships for Sangal Esports to move its company structure to the Netherlands. In addition, the team will have the opportunity to make new investments.

We, as the esportimes.com family, wish success in the Dutch adventure of the Sangal Esports organization.

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Ertuğrul Ergül
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