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Üsküdar Esports Academy is officially here!

Üsküdar Esports Academy is officially here! Üsküdar Municipality announced the opening on July 6 under their name.

They stated that all players will receive their training at the Esports Academy centre. Furthermore, the officials stated that they aim to develop esports activities in the country and Üsküdar District. The opening of Üsküdar Municipality Esports Academy also plays an important role for other districts. For all gamers, the development of the esports field in Turkey means an increase in activity around the country and a new opportunity for the players.

Üsküdar Esports Academy is officially here!

Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen also attended the opening event of the Esports Academy. During his speech, he emphasized that esports is an important factor in the talent and intelligence development of young people. In addition, Hilmi Türkmen, who did not forget to play VALORANT by keeping up with the Esports Academy, stated that the work they do and the steps they take are very important for the youth in the country.

We opened Üsküdar ESPOR Center and Academy today.

Our vison is clear;
where are the young people, we are there and we will offer them the most beautiful living spaces.

First Turkey and then world champion esports players will be trained in this academy!

For application and registration to the academy ?


Hilmi Türkmen, @hilmiturkmen34

Üsküdar Esports Academy will provide certified training to all players throughout the year. Coaching, management and publishing training are among the certified training areas. Players who want to participate in certified training and take part in Üsküdar Esports Academy can apply through the academy’s official website.

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