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Valorant Elite Invitational Group D Winners

Valorant Elite Invitational Tournament which has the 16 best teams of Turkey, continues without losing its enthusiasm. The winners of group D for the Valorant Elite Invitational tournament with a prize of 10.000 ₺ were also announced on day 2 of the tournament.

When the exciting competition is moving closer to the final, finalists are qualified in the matches slowly. Anatolia e-Sports and Zero Zone faced each other in the first match of Valorant Elite Invitational Group D. Anatolia e-Sports managed to win in overtime with a score of 15-13. Zero Zone fell into the Losers Group.

The second match of Group D was played between Mod-Z and Digital Athletics. Digital Athletics won the match by 13-10 with the teammates’ amazing performance. Mod-Z fell into the Losers Group.

In the second round of Group D, the winners match took place between Anatolia e-Sports and Digital Athletics. The Digital Athletics team managed to win with a score of 13-4 with its comfortable and flawless game. Thus, Digital Athletics became the first team to leave Group D.

The last match of Group D was played between Anatolia e-Sports and Zero Zone, two teams with one loss and one victory, on the best 3 maps. By 13-9, Zero Zone won the Haven map and by 13-8, Anatolia e-Sports won the Bind map. The final map of the final match was Icebox. Anatolia e-Sports wins with an overwhelming score of 13-6, becoming the second team to leave Group D.

Elite Invitational Group D Match Results:

Today (19.12.2020) at 19:00, GamerBase Elite Invitational Selection challenge begins. The selection challenge is a competition where you can win prizes by predicting the match results of the Elite Invitational’s playoff stage results. For detailed information about the Selection Challenge, you can check the last part of the news on the link below.

Valorant Elite Invitational Tournament With 10.000 TL Prize

Selection Challenge Rewards:

  • AORUS M2 RGB Gaming Mouse for 1 person
  • 2500VP for 2 people
  • 1250VP for 3 people
  • 600VP for 10 people

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