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Beşiktaş Esports Transfers Juuzou!

Beşiktaş Esports is working hard for their League of Legends team lately. They already announced four new players for the team: Waena (mid), Robin (jungle), Alive (bot), and Mocha (support). Yesterday, they announced the last player of the team, Barış “Juuzou” Karatop as the top laner.

“Admin, announce the top laner”

Born on September 15, 1999, Barış “Juuzou” Karatop’s career as an esports athlete started in 2018 and played for Bahçeşehir University. With his new teammate Robin, they became the champions of University League 2019 while playing for BAU Riders. After this achievement, he transferred to Dark Passage in May 2019. He played in VFŞL, the most prestigious League of Legends tournament in Turkey, as a Dark Passage player. He continued to play for them for 17 months. There were some speculations saying that Juuzou will take a break from the professional scene, but his name started to get mentioned with Beşiktaş lately.

Juuzou will compete for Beşiktaş Esports this season, with his then-former-now-new teammates; Robin from BAU Riders and Waena from Dark Passage.

After announcing their latest player, Beşiktaş became the third (the first and second teams are Galatasaray and 5Ronin respectively) VFŞL participant to complete its whole roster.

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