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Valorant Player Nisay Gets Banned For Cheating!

Professional VALORANT player Nisay got banned from all Riot competitions for 12 months timeline. The reason for it is that he got caught cheating.

As a result of the evaluations made by the Riot Games cheat protection team, it was determined that Nisay was cheating in a ranked game and got banned from all official Riot Games organizations for 12 months.

Lately, Nisay‘s (player of Beşiktaş Esports in VALORANT) rank was lowered by a sudden decision. He also got removed from the Top500 list. Many people in the community thought ”he was cheating”; because he was in first place in the European Top500 list for about 1 month. This situation attracted the attention of many local and foreign players. The professional players from other teams or regular players did not express their doubts in public. But they were talking and discussing among themselves. They also shared the clues they found with Riot Games.

Unlike professional actors, Madzzy (streamer and founder of ZZ Team), opened a Twitch broadcast in which he accused Nisay of being a cheater. In this broadcast, Madzzy explained step by step why he called Nisay a cheater. He showed many clips in the stream. Clips from the times of First Strike to nowadays. Which they’re shreds of evidence that Nisay is a cheater. At that time, just the rank of the Nisay was lowered. There was no official statement published from Riot. For this fact, some people criticized Madzzy.

This situation can be thought as a provocation. Why did Madzzy make an accusation and statement instead of professional players from other teams? This is because professional players have to think about their careers. Because, if their accusation is false, the biggest damage will be for them.

Nisay’s Cheating

Now, Nisay got banned from Riot competitions for 12 months. Also, his account got banned too. Cheating by Nisay, who came in the first place on the Top500 list for about a month and released many contents related to it, is really beyond the word of ”sad”. This action affected VALORANT ecosystem in Turkey. It also disappointed a lot of his followers. In addition, Beşiktaş Esport Community will definitely greatly suffer from this situation since he was the Captain of the VALORANT team.

It is still a matter of curiosity whether he only cheated in ranked matches or has he been cheating since the First Strike tournament. Riot didn’t make an explanation about it.

Riot’s View on Nisay’s Situation

Riot stated that Nisay cheated only in one ranked match and not in the other matches. But this statement leaves a couple of questions in our heads. ”Was he cheating while he was appearing as Europe’s best player ?”, ” Did he cheat during First Stike?”, ”If Nisay became the best player in Europe by cheating and this situation was noticed after a month, are there more professional or regular players like him that haven’t been noticed yet?”. Many more questions like these can be derived.

But of course, Riot won’t go detailly into these topics in order to control the cheating issue. One last important thing about this situation. Why did he get banned for 12 months? Why not indefinitely? Is there a guarantee that he will not cheat again after 12 months of ban?

According to this case, some lessons should be learned. Firstly, players should be aware of where they represent and avoid cheating regardlessly. Secondly, Riot Games must manage these kinds of matters more transparently. Thirdly, Esport communities should be more careful and selective when recruiting players their teams.

When considered, this is a very serious and stigmatizing/scandalous situation for the country or region where the situation has happened. We hope similar situations like this will not occur in the future.

We will be informing you as soon as there are new explanations about Nisay.

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