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VALORANT Changes Regional Pricing

VALORANT is the most popular competitive game of recent times. It is a free-to-play game with a wide gamer population. Although it is free to play, most of the players add more fun to their gaming pleasure by purchasing in-game items. Riot Games mentioned in one of their previous interviews that they knew the fees were a little high. Now however Riot Games is adjusting its fees, taking into account global currency changes and taxes.

Changes and Campaign Dates

The regions where prices increased were Brazil, Latin America, Russia and Turkey. On the other hand, in Europe, the costs will decrease due to exchange rate differences and tax regulations. VALORANT regional price changes will be affective on September 8th. The global bonus VP campaign will take place from 23 August to 8 September. When you buy in game VP between these dates, you will get double the bonus. For example: Buying 1900 VP in VALORANT will grant 300 bonus VP. Normally that would be 150.

Changes, which appear in the form of both increase and decrease, are applied regularly. This year, there will be changes in Europe, Brazil, Latin America, Russia and Turkey. Below you can see the changes you will encounter in VALORANT as of September 8th. This campaign period will continue until September 8. The reflection time of the new fees on the packages may be delayed about 1 hour.

VALORANT Price Changes

  • Brazil: 15% average price increase
  • Colombia: 11% average price increase
  • Costa Rica: 16% average price increase
  • Mexico: 17% average price increase
  • Chile: 16% average price increase
  • Uruguay: 17% average price increase
  • Peru: 15% average price increase
  • Russia: 6% price increase on average
  • Turkey: 17% average price increase
  • Europe (valid in EUR, GBP and HUF currencies): 5% price reduction on average

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