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Week 2 of PCS3 Europe Started! DA Is Close to the Top!

The Second week of PCS3 Europe in which Europe’s top 16 competes, has started. Northern Lights was the leader in the event with 118 points, which we followed from PUBG Turkey Twitch channel with Timur “Timurleng” Günay and Buğrahan “Wreckage” Şevke as hosts. Turkey’s representative Digital Athletics reached 2nd place with 99 points.

The winner of the matches in the PCS3 Europe, which started at 21.00, were; ENCE, Northern Lights, Saunabois, and Team Liquid, respectively. Our representatives, in the first match of the day, Etiget Esports placed 2nd and Digital Athletics placed 4th. In the 2nd match; our representatives Digital Athletics ranked 4th with 6 kills, while Etiget Esports ranked 15th. In the third match of the day, Digital Athletics finished 5th, Etiget Esports finished next to DA with 6th place.

At last, in the last match of the day, while our representative Etiget Esports is placed on the 10th, our other representative Digital Athletics finished in 8th place. Therefore with these results, Turkish representatives Digital Athletics finished in 2nd place with 99 points, and Etiget Esports finished in 16th with 27 points in the PCS3 European Grand Final.

Matches will continue from where they left on the PUBG Turkey Twitch channel on November 15 at 21.00. With the completion of the second week, the final week of the tournament will take place on November 21-22.

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Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
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