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Pintipanda and Jahrein Will Clear The Air!

After the news that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will not have Turkish translation, pintipanda, made a post on Twitter. He gave a harsh response targeting Jahrein and Ferit Karakaya, other social media celebrities, in a reply under his post. After Jahrein’s reply, a discussion on Twitter took place and the case grew. On top of that, Pintipanda and Jahrein invited all of their followers to a broadcast where they will talk about what happened.

Clear your schedule for tomorrow evening… Let’s talk about what happened.

Ferit Karakaya, another person mentioned by Pintipanda in his Twitter post, approached the event more mildly and stated that he respected Pintipanda and did not have any problem with him.

Pintipanda was tried to be shown as a victim of communication distress in the Spider-Man Miles Morales report. He emphasized that he did not have any monetary agreement in any way with either PlayStation Turkey or XBOX Turkey.

It was understood from the statements that both streamers were angry with each other. Everyone has one certain opinion about this debate: people who love the cancel culture, made the two beloved streamers come at each other. It is debatable whether or not it is necessary to focus on what people think about streamers. Because these people who love the cancel culture exist on every platform. But this time it looks like it has really gone out of hand. You can reach the broadcast, which will take place on Sunday, November 15 at 20:30 by clicking here.

Click here to get more detailed information about pintipanda and Jahrein’s discussion upon the announcement that PS5 Miles Morales will not have Turkish translation.

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