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TBF 2021 To Be Played At The Volkswagen Arena!

2021 Turkey Grand Final (TBF), the most prestigious event of the year where the best LoLesports team of 2021 will show themselves , will take place on Saturday September 4 at Volkswagen Arena.

TBF, drawing interest of League of Legends enthusiasts since 2013, will be the location of a fierce competition.

Pre-Match And Opening Ceremony

The 2021 Turkey Grand Final will start with the pre-match program on Saturday, September 4. After the opening show, the teams will take the stage at 13:00 CET for the first match of the finals.

There will be more details on the pre-match schedule, surprise guests and the opening show in the upcoming days.


Riot Games stated that they have been away from LoLesports viewers for a while due to the pandemic. So, they want to have an audience this year, but due to the current situation, the subject is still under discussion.

Depending on the pandemic, selling tickets could be an option. Among the possible solutions, one is to host a limited number of spectators at Volkswagen Arena. These will be by invitation, ensuring that the necessary health precautions are taken.

TBF Giveaways

Spectators who stream 2021 Turkey Grand Final at their homes will have the chance to win various prizes. 500 Odyssey Yasuo, 100 Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, and 1000 Hextech Sets are some of the TBF loots that will be given away.

Alongside these, Vodafone FreeZone and Coca-Cola are also planning to give away rewards for the audience.

More information on the 2021 Turkey Grand Final, which will take place on Saturday September 4, will be available in the coming days.

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Mert Çatal
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