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Apex Legends Breaks Another Steam Player Record

Unlike other battle royale games, the number of Apex Legends players is soaring up day by day. Of course there are other battle royale games that have been on the top of the most played games list, like Fortnite. But what makes Apex Legends different is, it showed that it can be on top tiers, especially with the player numbers after the release. Most people think the battle royale genre is dying, but breaking a new player record on Steam, Apex Legends contradicting it.

We are getting used to seeing Apex Legends on top of games like GTA V, Team Fortress 2, and R6 Siege. And the game set a new record for the most concurrent players with 198,235 players on February 27. Before that, an all-time peak, 196,449 players was recorded on February 10. Besides that, the daily average number of players is also rising. If we see a new all-time peak player record with 200,000, that would be no surprise.

Why Is The Number of Apex Legends Players Is Rising?

Season 8

There are multiple reasons for that. Apex Legends is launched on Steam with the release of Season 7, November 4th. Before that, the players had to use Origin to play it on the PC. The numbers were not bad when the game was released on Steam, but it continued to rise. Maybe, the biggest reason for the new record is the release of Season 8. The new legend, Fuse, the new weapon, 30-30 Repeater, new patch notes… They were kind of objects of interest for the old players. Also, the hype that came with the announcement of Season 8 might be the reason to play Apex Legends for the new players. The obliterated Kings Canyon was also arousing our curiosity. And to see what happened (again) in our hometown, players may be starting to play Apex Legends again.

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Ranked Season

Another thing that changed with Season 8 is the ranked game mode. With the new ranked splits, the players starting to grind again to become Predators. Also, the first split of the ranked season is taking place in Kings Canyon. With the start of the second split, players will play ranked games is the newest map of the game, Olympus.

Anniversary Collection Event

Up to a few weeks earlier, we could tell another reason for the rise of the player numbers. Apex Legends released a new event, the Anniversary Collection Event to celebrate the end of the second year of the game. The event was so loved that Respawn announced that they expanded the length of the event. The new LTM of the event, Locked and Loaded, also brought a breath of fresh air to the game. Finding better loot on the ground made the players think that the game will be more enjoyable. And, we know that the devs are working on it to make Locked and Loaded permanent. The lead designer of the game, Daniel Klein, commented on Reddit that they are considering it carefully.

Top it all, we know that Respawn will release a new event for Apex Legends. There is no official announcement about it, but the rumors have already started. That new event is expected to release in the upcoming weeks.

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