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Dota 2 DPC Recap: Week 6 Upper Division

The 6th and the final week of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit tournament has ended. With its end, except for the China region, it became clear which teams will go to Singapore Major. In the tie-breaker games held at the end of the tournament, teams with the same standings faced each other. Some interesting results have occurred. Now, let’s look at the week 6 recap of the DPC tournament.

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For the format and the rules of the tournament check here. You can also check our week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5 recaps.

Europe (EU)

Team Secret earned the Major invitation while also finishing the tournament without a single series loss. In 2nd place is Alliance, 3rd is Team Liquid, and 4th is Team Nigma. The series, which took place between OG and Secret this week, gave the fans some action packed moments. Losing the series, OG had to play tie-breaker games. Unfortunately, the team lost to Liquid and will not be able to receive a direct invite to Singapore Major.

HCE vs Nigma0-2
Liquid vs [A]1-2
OG vs Secret1-2
Week 6 Games
Liquid vs OG2-0
OG vs Tundra2-0
Tundra vs Liquid1-1
Tie-breaker Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Team Secret7-014-3
3.Team Liquid4-310-8
4.Team Nigma3-48-9
6.Tundra Esports3-49-9
8.High Coast Esports1-63-12
Overall Standings


Chinese region is 2 weeks behind the other regions due to the Chinese New year. There were some exciting games, however. Vici Gaming, who defeated Team Aster, managed to take the 2nd place, but the difference between them is thinner than a hair at this point. Invictus Gaming seems to be the first in the region right now. I don’t think that will change. Elephant, which was created by the famous players of the Chinese region, is disappointingly at 4th place.

Aster vs LBZS2-0
MagMa vs iG0-2
PSG.LGD vs iG1-2
EHOME vs Elephant0-2
VG vs Aster2-0
Week 4 Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Invictus Gaming5-010-3
2.Vici Gaming4-18-2
3.Team Aster4-18-3
7.Team MagMa1-42-8
Overall Standings

North America (NA)

Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and Undying played the tie-breaker games among themselves to determine who gets the Major invitation. Evil Geniuses beat both teams and came out first. They are going to the play-offs while Quincy Crew finished second, going into the group stage. Unfortunately, Undying will miss the first Major of the season.

SAD vs 4Z0-2
EG vs 5MM2-0
QC vs UND1-2
Week 6 Games
EG vs UND1-0
QC vs EG0-1
QC vs UND1-0
A-Team vs BNY0-1
SAD vs BNY1-0
SAD vs A-Team1-0
Tie-breaker Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Evil Geniuses6-113-4
2.Quincy Crew6-113-4
4.4 Zoomers4-310-6
6.Black N Yellow2-55-11
Overall Standings

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

Although it was certain that both Virtus Pro and NAVI would go to the Major tournament, the series between the two teams was eagerly awaited by many. Virtus Pro handed a heavy defeat to NAVI. I hope two teams will face each other once again in the Major.

AS Monaco Gambit and Team Spirit faced off in the BO3 series to determine the region’s third and final team to go to the Singapore Major. Monaco Gambit beat the Spirit team 2-1 and secured their invitation to the Major.

Team Empire faced Team Unique in a BO3 series to determine the team that finished the tournament in seventh place. Unique managed to get a 2-1 victory in the series and will therefore remain in the upper-division. Unfortunately, Empire will play in the lower division in the next season.

TSpirit vs Unique2-1
VP vs NAVI2-0
Week 6 Games
Empire vs Unique1-2
TSpirit vs ASM.G1-2
Tie-breaker Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
2.Natus Vincere5-211-6
3.AS Monaco Gambit4-310-7
4.Team Spirit4-311-9
6.Team Unique2-56-11
7.Team Empire2-56-11
8.No Techies1-63-13
Overall Standings

Southeast Asia (SEA)

Fnatic, Neon Esports and T1 played, and got qualified to go to Singapore. The extension games played between Neon Esports and T1 determined who would play in the group stage. While T1 was able to close a very competitive first game in their favour, Neon finished the series 2-1, winning the next two games.

XctN vs 4962-1
Fnatic vs TNC2-1
Neon vs T11-2
Week 6 Games
Neon vs T12-1
Tie-breaker Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
2.Neon Esports5-512-7
4.TNC Predator4-310-7
5.BOOM Esports4-39-8
7.496 Gaming1-66-12
8.Vice Esports1-62-13
Overall Standings

South America (SA)

There was no tie-breaker game in the South America region. This region only received 2 invitations for Singapore. Beastcoast, the champion of the region by far, came in the first place, and the Thunder Predator team came in the second place.

INF vs EGB2-0
TP vs DEF2-0
bc vs SG2-0
Week 6 Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
2.Thunder Predator5-210-6
3.SG e-sports4-38-8
4.NoPing e-sports4-311-8
5.Team Unknown3-48-8
8.Latam Defenders1-63-11
Overall Standings

Thus, it became clear which teams, except for the Chinese region, will go to the Singapore Major. Although we have witnessed some good games in this tournament, it is clear where the real action will take place. We will be sharing a separate article when the Chinese invitations are also set in place. Thank you for reading the 6th week summary of Pro Circuit and hope to see you in our Singapore Major coverage.


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