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Apex Legends Ranked Arena Mode Will Be Released With Season 10!

Apex Legends, the spinoff of Titanfall series, released as a battle royale game in 2019. However, Respawn Entertainment announced the 3v3 game mode that players have been waiting for some time with Season 9. In Arena Mode, two teams are fighting to be the best. Maybe, the mode is drawing heavy attention because it was something that players have been anticipating. However, it seems like Apex Legends developers are pleased about that because they announced the brand-new Ranked Arena Mode.

apex legends ranked arena

Electronic Arts gave a presentation on the future of FPS games on July 8. Naturally, they talked about the future of Apex Legends too. The game’s director, Chad Grenier, announced the arrival of a ranked system for Arena Mode. He also made a speech about the new competitive mode coming with Season 10.

Battle royale will continue to be a primary focus for us, that’s the roots of the game, but we have been trying to expand beyond battle royale because we have what we think is a really great combat loop. We’ve just released Arenas in Season 9, and in Season 10, I can confirm, we will be releasing a ranked version of Arenas.

Chad Grenier

Ranked Arena Mode was one of the things that Apex Legends players wanted for some time. But sometimes, the premade teams are frustrating us. While you or the players on your team are new to the game, it is possible to see Predator players, the highest rank in Apex Legends, on the enemy team. Ryan K. Rigney cited that, even in regular Arena matches, there is an MMR system. But if they’re willing to bring a ranked mode, they need to improve this system.

Apart from that, playing Arena as a solo player can sometimes cause bad experiences. It’s mentally exhausting to fight with Masters or Predator premades when your team has a rookie to the game, perhaps to the FPS genre. I hope there will be a different matchmaking system for solos and premades in these ranked Arena matches.

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