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Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event Has Started!

Respawn Entertainment can’t get enough of offering events to Apex Legends players, because immediately after the Genesis Collection Event is over, they released a new event called Thrillseekers. It is not a collection event, but it still gives players rewards and offerings though. There’s also a new map for Arena Mode, Overflow! The event, which begins on July 13, will be available until the end of Season 9, August 3.

New Arenas Map: Overflow

apex legends thrillseekers

As you know, in other Arenas maps, the vertical conflict is standing out. We’ve seen the best example of that in Skull Town. Overflow is a little different. We’re going to participate in planar combat rather than vertical. Of course, there are relatively high or low platforms on the map. But mostly, you will find yourself rushing to enemies in Overflow.

apex legends thrillseekers

The lavas we see a lot on World’s Edge also appear in Overflow. Thanks to the lava-filled structures, at least lavas won’t hurt us. The boxes at the center of the map add some difficulty to long-range combat. However, using long-range weapons in general on the map is a great advantage. Especially the slightly higher platform in the center will be a favorable point for campers.

Thrillseekers Reward Track

Unlike the other events, the reward track on Thrillseekers will progress weekly. So we will try to complete challenges every week. Prizes include gun charms, and skins for Rampart and Bangalore. In addition, those who still could not finish the battle pass can reach the final level with this event, thanks to the battle pass star prizes.

apex legends thrillseekers

Naturally, new badge rewards are coming along with the event so you can put it on your profile. To collect these badges, which will also be given weekly, you need to complete these challenges:

  • First Week: Play 20 Arena Games Total
  • Second Week: Get 100 Knockdowns Total in Arenas
  • Third Week: Deal 12,000 Damage Total in Arenas

Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event Store

With Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event, players can see event-exclusive content in the store. New costumes for Mirage, Gibraltar, Revenant, and Pathfinder will be on sale. You can also find their prices below.

In addition, players’ favorite content will return to the store with Summer Splash Sale. These include Voidwalker Wraith and Youngblood Bloodhound skins that have unique legend select animation. You can get these two costumes individually for 1,800 Apex Coins per each. Also, you can pay 3,950 Apex Coins and get 40 Apex Packs in addition to these costumes.

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