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Bitexen TESFED PUBG Turkey Champion Is Orgless!

Turkish Esports Federation (TESFED) had announced that they’d organize tournaments in 11 different games under the sponsorship of Bitexen. The total prize pool of this tournament was 180 thousand TL. The prize pool in the PUBG section of the tournament was worth 25 thousand TL. TESFED PUBG Turkey Cup ended and Orgless became the champion of the tournament.

The team put forward a stable game. So, let’s take a quick look at the kill scores of the 6 matches (first day) that make up the final standings.

(Note): In the following sections, the rankings will be displayed with points accumulated cumulatively. For example, the rankings after the 2nd match will be the sum of the results of the 1st and 2nd matches.

Day 1:

1st Game

  1. Orgless – 13 points (VICTORY)
  2. SuperMassive Blaze – 7 points
  3. İyi bayramlar – 6 points
  4. OtherSide Esports – 6 points

2nd Game

  1. OtherSide Esports – 20 points (VICTORY)
  2. Orgless- 14 points
  3. fastPay Wildcats – 18 points
  4. Şahangiller Esports – 16 points

3rd Game

  1. Orgless – 28 points (VICTORY)
  2. OtherSide Esports – 24 points
  3. fastPay Wildcats – 21 points
  4. Şahangiller Esports – 18 points

4th Game

  1. Orgless – 31 points
  2. OtherSide Esports – 27 points
  3. Dijirad Esports – 22 points (VICTORY)
  4. fastPay Wildcats – 23 points

5th Game

  1. Orgless – 38 points
  2. OtherSide Esports – 27 points
  3. Dijirad Esports – 26 points
  4. XFlow Esports – 26 points (VICTORY)

6th Game

  1. Orgless – 38 points
  2. XFlow Esports – 34 points
  3. OtherSide Esports – 30 points
  4. Dijirad Esports – 30 points
  5. Alliance Esports – 14 points (VICTORY)

In determining the scores of the teams, the scores written on the right are calculated based on the number of kills. If we evaluate the performances of the teams on the first day, we see that Orgless aims to carry their team to the ultimate, as in other organizations. When they managed to successfully protect their team in this way, they had already proven that they managed the endgame well. For this reason, they managed to prove their claims in this tournament as well. Thus, they were able to reach first place 3 times.

In addition, we saw an aggressive approach in SuperMassive Blaze, which put their opponents to the test by headbutting them.

It should also be noted that the final is determined by a 2-day score. However, since TESFED adds 1-day delay to broadcast replays, we cannot share detailed match-by-match reviews for the 2nd day. When we take a look at the latest situation in this state, the number of kills and victories were as follows:

Bitexen TESFED PUBG Turkey Champion Orgless!

Thus, as a result, Orgless won 13.000 TL, GEAR UP 6.000 TL, OtherSide Esports 4.000 TL, and SuperMassive Blaze 2.000 TL in TESFED PUBG Turkey Cup. We, on this occasion, congratulate the award-winning participants; We wish the others the best of luck in the upcoming competitions.

If you want to watch the replay of the tournament with the presentation of Utku ”utlmlkk” Taşyürek and Anıl ”Vacker” Kalaycıoğlu, you can click here.

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