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Xantares might leave BIG!

Xantares, the professional player at BIG, might leave the team according to HLTV. The contract is near the end, and there are rumors.

Striker, one of the famous writers of HLTV, shared an article about the changes between the actor. At the same time, BIG, played by our representative İsmailcan “Xantares” Dörtkardeş, also found its place in this article. The German team, which could not achieve the desired momentum, seems to not pass this transfer season empty.

The language problem of Xantares, which has not allowed him to be able to show the desired performance for a while, was discussed in most forums. The audience that addresses this issue also argues that the other 4 people in the team can play more comfortably in their mother tongue. The situation is such that these rumors have been the subject of even the largest CS: GO communities.

According to HLTV writer Striker, BIG is looking for a German player to replace Xantares, or a substitute for the same title interchangeably. The only aim of BIG, which will try to solve the mother tongue problem in this way, is strong communication. The contract of Xantares, who has entered his third year with the German team, expires this year. The language difference, which was a problem for many from the very beginning, is a big reason for not renewing Xantares’ contract. Therefore, putting these reasons together, Xantares could leave BIG next fall.

Xantares might leave BIG!

Woxic, who will announce their new team after the break, is at the top of the rumors for the possible separation of Xantares. The fact that the team they will establish is international with a brand new organization is a valid reason to strengthen these rumors. The other strong rumor is FaZe Clan. The European team, which has been on the rise with their transfers, has been interested in Xantares since the Space Soldiers era.

The first name that BIG considers as a replacement for or alongside Xantares is faveN. Having achieved a rating of 1.13/2.0 in the last 3 months, the 21-year-old player plays in Sprout, one of Germany’s strongest teams. The imminent expiration of his contract with Xantares further strengthens the possibility of BIG’s transfer.

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