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FACEIT Announced Community Tournaments with $1 Million Prize Pool Sponsored by WhiteBIT

Esports tournament platform FACEIT and cryptocurrency exchange company WhiteBIT have announced the WhiteBIT Community Clash CS:GO Tournament. They will distribute $1 million worth of cryptocurrency in prize money as a result of their partnership.

More than sixty European and South American teams and content creators will participate in the tournament. Among those participating in the tournament are the community members of teams such as Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Movistar Riders. Alongside these, popular esports player GeT_RiGhT and many content creators will participate.

The tournament started on November 15. Teams will earn points based on the matches they play, and the team that qualifies for the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals at DreamHack Valencia will be determined. The remaining teams will compete to win Tether coins.

FACEIT and WhiteBIT Partnership
FACEIT announced their partnership with WhiteBIT in February 2022. FACEIT users were now able to take advantage of WhiteBIT opportunities. They had the right to participate in special events and tournaments. They were able to earn rewards of their choice from the platform’s cryptocurrencies. In other words, WhiteBIT offered high-level rewards to develop the esports field.

After the announcement of partnership, WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov said that the platform has always been at the forefront of everything. He stated that they want to offer the highest level of gaming experience on the partnered platform. In addition, FACEIT President Fabio Floris stated that they are excited about this partnership. He stated that a more interesting global competitive opportunity has emerged now, and it’s nice to offer great incentives to players through WhiteBIT.

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