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Far Cry 6 Beta Invites Are Confirmed As Scam

Far Cry might be one of the best series of Ubisoft, and the new game of the series is on the way. But, according to some players, Ubisoft is sending beta invites for Far Cry 6. However, Ubisoft confirmed that these rumours are not real, and in fact, they are phishing attempts.

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We saw that some players are getting invites for the beta version of Far Cry 6 recently. After that, the number of people talking about this had increased. The players are invited by emails, and the sender looks like the official mail address of Ubisoft. However, none of them are true. It’s confirmed that when the receiver follows the instructions told in the email, a virus will be installed on the computer.

YouTuber theRadBrad sent a tweet about the situation, and warned everyone about the scam.

In the comment section, some people said that they also got the email. While some of them didn’t care about it, some of them opened it and when they saw they had to follow the instructions, they ignored the mail. And some of them realized it was a phishing attempt when they clicked on the sender’s email address because it just was a fake label.

Far Cry 6 was set to be released on February 18th, but Ubisoft made some changes in the plan. The game is expected to be released in the Q2 or Q3 of 2021. And knowing that, scammers exploited the situation.

Ubisoft also saw the tweet of theRadBrad, and they warned the people about it by retweeting theRadBrad’s tweet.

These invites were mostly sent to the content creators and streamers. But many casual players reported that they got the mail too. If you are one of them and followed the given instructions, the best thing to do is formatting your computer.

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