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Spike Cup 4 Streamer Special Tournament Has Concluded!

Spike Cup 4 Streamer Special Tournament was completed as of yesterday. A total of 8 teams was split into two groups and faced each other.

The tournament organized by Valorant had a total prize pool of 50,000 ₺.

A total of 8 teams competed in Spike Cup 4, which started on February 18.

The teams were as follows:

Group A:

Group B:

Group A and group B were independent of each other. The final matches took place after the matches to be played within the group, not between the two groups.

The matches of the A Group teams were played on 18 February. Group B matches were played on 19 February. As for the end, the final matches were played yesterday, on February 20.

Group A and B winners were determined as a result of the matches within the groups.

The Group A winner was Team Thaldrin. The Group B winner was Team Rip.

After the matches in the group, the prize pool of 50,000 ₺ was distributed as follows.

Group A

Team Thaldrin10,000 ₺
Team Eylül7,500 ₺
Team Hellian5,000 ₺
Team Miafitz2,500 ₺

Group B

Team Rip10,000 ₺
Team Tecone7,500 ₺
Team LEGOO5,000 ₺
Team Farewell2,500 ₺

It was an enjoyable tournament. The matches were exciting and fun. Especially, Team Rip vs. Team Tecone match, which was the final match of Group B, was extremely enjoyable.

We hope there will be a continuation of the Spike Cup series and we can see other streamers with their teams in these series.

You can watch the replays of the 3-day tournament on the Twitch channels of the team captains. You can switch from the links on the names of the team captains to their accounts on Twitch.

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