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Wraith Is No Longer The Most Popular Apex Legends Character

Respawn Entertainment‘s battle royale game, Apex Legends, is not only known for its unique gameplay. The legends with different skills are also why the game is different from others. Without a doubt, Wraith is the most-known character of the game. Besides her skills, her smaller-than-others hitbox is one of the main reasons behind it. But, according to the lead designer of the game, Daniel Klein, this fact has changed. The most popular legend of Apex Legends since launch is no longer sitting on the throne.

Everything about Apex Legends has been evolving since its release. The gameplay is also changing while different variables are being optimized. For example, when a shotgun is buffed, the game’s combat system evolves in close combatting. Or when a defensive legend is buffed, the gameplay becomes much more passive. But, especially Wraith, has always found her way through these changes, even when she was buffed or nerfed. The devs gave her a bigger hitbox, but she still managed to get a high pick rate. Because of her small body build, the devs gave her a perk that increases the damage she takes, but she, again, got a high pick rate. Maybe because of the Season 8 patch notes or the new legends, it seems like she is not picked by the players that much. Even in casual and normal games nor pro scenes.


“Wraith Went From Highest To Fourth Highest Pick Rate”

In the previous days, a clip of a Caustic gameplay was shared on Reddit, and Daniel Klein made some statements about why they couldn’t balance Caustic. In one of his comments, while he was explaining the pick rate of Caustic, he also mentioned the pick rate of Wraith by announcing that she is no longer the game’s most popular legend.

Caustic’s pick rate had always been a solid middle-of-the-pack one, but with the introduction of Fuse and the Wraith nerf shaking pick rates up a bit, Caustic now sports the 5th highest pick rate as well. Wraith went from highest, where she’d been for pretty much all of Apex’s existence, to fourth highest!

Daniel Klein

He didn’t address the ranks of the other legends, but players can easily predict some of them. Horizon is definitely on top of the pick rate list, I guess. So, we know the three of the top five legends with the highest pick rates; Horizon, Wraith, and Caustic. By assuming their current states, we can say that two of Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound are in the top five. While Wraith was getting nerfed almost every season, these legends were quite buffed compared to their older states. Maybe, we could add sort-of-buffed Octane in that list too.

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