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PGC 2022 Roadmap is Revealed!

The PUBG Global Championship 2022, often known as PGC 2022, will be held in Dubai. The matches will take place from November 1 through November 20. The schedule is as follows:

PGC 2022

Group stages A and B will be played from November 1 to November 6. The winners bracket matches will then be played from November 8 to 9. When the winners bracket concludes, we will watch the losers bracket 1 and 2 matches from November 10 to 13. The Grand Survival will take place on November 14, and the grand final will take place between November 17 and November 20.

This big competition, which has a $2 million prize pool, will include 32 teams in all. The grand final will include 16 teams competing for the title. PGC 2022, one of the biggest and most popular PUBG tournaments, can be watched live on the tournament’s official Twitch channel.

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