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Dora Özsoy Announces He Has Paid His Taxes

Turkish League of Legends analyst & esports host Dora Özsoy announced that he finally paid his due taxes. Due to a complication stemming from Turkish tax laws, the young entrepreneur at one point had to pay TL 340.000 (around $50.000) in fines and due taxes.

The initial tax debt came as a shock to him. Later on, Özsoy announced on social media that his interest penalties were removed and he would only have to pay TL 159.000(around $23.000). This Friday, he posted a story on Instagram showing an invoice confirming that he paid all of his taxes.

He released a video in December of 2020 named “Why I Was Fined TL 340.000” that shocked his fans. In the video, he accepted that he was partially wrong when doing his taxes. He also criticized the Turkish young entrepreneur tax exemption laws.

In the end, he had to pay a large sum of money because laws were not transparent enough. I wish good luck to Dora Özsoy and hope that such things won’t happen further down the line to other people.


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