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TeamSoloMid Faces Backlash For Posting Controversial Meme On Twitter

TeamSoloMid received a big backlash on Twitter for posting a “meme” on Twitter.

“People post memes all the time” you might say. But in my humble opinion, this meme is kinda over the top. After TeamSoloMid‘s 2-0 defeat against 100 Thieves in the recent VALORANT tournament, TSM Dunc shared a very different version of “Are you winning son? meme.

TSM noticed their mistake and immediately deleted the post. TSM said that it was an honest but careless mistake by the social media team.

TSM assured fans that they take mental health very seriously as an organization. TSM Dunc, who post the meme, apologized to the fans for his mistake.

On a sensitive issue like suicide, people are bound to raise their voices. However, Dunc seems to feel bad about his mistake. But mistakes like these can put a dent in an organization’s reputation. TeamSoloMid should tread carefully from now on.

Ata Camkıran
Ata Camkıran
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