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Valheim Guide: Best Bows & Arrows

If you are a Valheim player, you should definitely carry a good bow and an arrow type suitable for your situation. So what are the best bows and arrows in Valheim? In this article, we will be talking about the best resource/performance bows and arrows.

Valheim Best Bows

Currently, there are 4 bows in the game. If your resources are limited however, it is possible to skip some of them. I will only talk about the bows that are most beneficial in that regard.

Finewood Bow

Valheim Bows Arrows

You can easily get this bow even at the beginning of the game by completely skipping the crude bow.

The 1st tactic is to lure a troll into a tree that yields fine wood and have it attack the ground. The 2nd tactic is easier. Roll the logs of a thick tree onto a tree that gives fine wood. Repeat this until the tree falls.

By Using either of these tactics, you can craft this bow without the need for an advanced axe.

Draugr Fang

Valheim Bows Arrows

Since the 3rd boss of the game is mostly immune to arrows anyway, my advice to you is to completely skip the huntsman bow and get the draugr fang.

You need very basic ingredients. You can find ancient bark and guck from the swamp. To extract silver, you have to kill the 3rd boss and make an iron pickaxe. This bow is the most powerful bow in the current version of the game.

Valheim Best Arrows

As you progress through Valheim, more and more arrow types will become available to you. For most of them, you will need to find new resources. I want to say it from the get-go though: never use bronze, iron or silver arrows!

If you spend your precious resources on such arrows, you will run into problems throughout the game. So which types of arrows are the best then? Let’s find out!

Wood Arrow

Valheim Bows Arrows

Even though wooden arrows are the first type of arrow you will get, they will be with you until the end of the game.

Because they are made only with wood, you can craft more whenever you need them. While their damage seems low, a good bow and a high bow skill neutralizes this fact. So do not neglect the wooden arrows later in the game!

Obsidian Arrow

After you start obtaining obsidian, which you can find on the mountains, you will use them for the rest of the game. You will need to craft an iron pickaxe and frost potions if you haven’t defeated the 3rd boss.

Since obsidian has almost no other important function, you can use this resource to make arrows exclusively. Arguably with its high damage, it manages to be the best resource to performance arrow.

In addition to obsidian arrow’s crafting materials, you can also kill drakes that spawn in the mountain biome. They will drop freeze glands, which you will able to use to craft frost arrows.

Needle arrows are the best arrow type in the game. They deal 62 damage and will allow you to kill most of the creatures easily. While frost and poison arrows deal more total damage, this happens slowly over time. Needle Arrows deal instant damage so you can end battles really quickly.

The main material for this arrow type is the needle. This will drop from deathsquitos in the plains biome. This enemy type can take down unprepared players in a single attack. However, it is actually very easy to kill. All you have to do is parry its attack with a shield. Because they have very little health, with a post-parry stun you can kill them in one hit.

Thank you for reading our Best Bows & Arrows guide for Valheim. I hope that the information you learned in this article will help in your adventures!


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